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Before the Spring Festival, people all over the country rush to buy Lovol Valley God "big new year goods"

before the Spring Festival, people all over the country rush to buy Lovol Valley God "big new year goods"

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the Spring Festival is approaching, and people all over the country have begun to collect a large number of new year goods. Like the traditional new year market, the trading scene of agricultural machinery markets around the country is more prosperous. Recently, in the image store of Lovol apos group in Zhumadian, Henan Province, the red Lovol Ceres harvester is the most suitable and popular, which can best show the joy of the Chinese new year after the harvest

Gansu customers like Lovol Ceres GE70

Hebei users choose Lovol Ceres wheat machine

Lovol Ceres GE70 is the first choice for Henan users

why is Lovol Ceres wheat machine so popular? With some questions, the author talked with the users who are purchasing Lovol Ceres GE70 wheat machine at the same time when Zhumadian agricultural machinery company in Henan Province should exert a certain tension. "Master, why do you only recognize Lovol Ceres GE70 wheat machine?" "The harvest is fast, the food is clean, and the work is not bad!" We asked several buyers in succession, and we almost heard the same answer. It turns out that "high efficiency", "clean cleaning" and "reliable quality" are the needs of users. Lovol Ceres GE70 wheat machine is precisely the leader in this field, and its popularity is natural

it is understood that Lovol Ceres series wheat harvesters have led the industry in sales for 16 consecutive years, and their market share has occupied the first place in the market for consecutive years, leading the industry with an absolute advantage. Behind the figures is the result of Lovol Arbos group's transformation of innovative achievements in meeting user needs in the process of product creation and commodity manufacturing

Lovol Ceres GE70 wheat machine is a meaningful product. With a reliable chassis system and the threshing and cleaning system with the best matching, it has become a star product with the highest cost performance. Lovol Ceres GE70 wheat machine has formed the absolute leading advantage of "good harvest" and "fast harvest", which brings users a new experience of "clean and efficient" harvest within ± 0.01, and becomes a solid guarantee to obtain the highest return on investment

Lovol Ceres GE70 wheat machine is not only a classic product, but also a real star product. The next largest end market of Lovol will be in the field of consumer products and construction. The body design of Gushen Ge series wheat machine won the Chinese patent appearance design excellence award. In addition, Lovol Ceres GE70 wheat machine has successively won the honorary titles of "national agricultural machinery user satisfaction brand" and other industries selected by China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association. (this article is from Lovol)

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