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Talking about the effective cooperation between manual control and mechanical automation of injection molding machine

Abstract: the injection molding machine uses the combination of automatic control and manual control to carry out mechanized control and the distribution and control of ingredients to process molded products. At the same time, through reasonable temperature control and mechanized fine control, the function of the injection molding machine is brought into full play. This paper discusses the effective cooperation between manual control and mechanical automation of injection molding machine

key words: injection molding machine; Manual control; Automatic control; Mechanical automation; Temperature control

1 overview

in the production process of injection molding machine products, mechanical motion is always running through. The motion principle of various molds is related to this kind of mechanical motion. For motion control, we can effectively configure and add through manual and automatic control. What are the functional characteristics and precautions of wire rope horizontal tension testing machine? Now please follow me to take a look: work, ensure the product quality of injection mold, do not stick to the basic movement modes of various processes, and continue to develop and innovate, so that the manual control and mechanized movement complement each other

2 injection molding machine duration and manual and automatic control of ingredients

according to the number of ingredients and different quantity and quality requirements, we set the time automatic control program of the injection molding machine as the maximum saturation of the blending of raw materials, and then connect it step by step to achieve the automation of raw materials and finished products. This process is to achieve the required level of injection molding of raw materials on the premise of manual control, Carry out automatic processing. For the part of manual control, we can effectively embed it into automation to improve the working level of our injection molding machine

2.1 the manual and automatic control of injection molding machine needs to highlight the convenience and timeliness

as for the duration of injection molding machine batching and batching design and application, including the configuration of program control, we need to consider the structural characteristics of this material and injection molding products, so that we can comprehensively adjust measures to local conditions, make reasonable layout, and achieve the desired results. The purpose of manual control of injection molding machine should first highlight its timeliness and convenience, When these two problems are solved, the working efficiency of our injection molding machine is greatly improved, and the product quality can be guaranteed. In the actual design work, we also need to combine the differences of the problems to take flexible solutions. The so-called "all roads lead to Rome", all roads lead to the same goal, ensure the rationality of the ingredients of the injection molding machine, and finally achieve the purpose of ensuring product quality

2.2 according to the different models and quality of injection molding products, the order and quality of ingredients are determined.

because the working needs of injection molding machines are determined by the market and product demand, there is a certain gap in the quantity, model and quality between domestic and foreign injection products according to the different degree of injection molding products. We set these precision values to be up to plus or minus 0.5 at the highest, and calculated the different duration and different sequence and dosage of ingredients, Different ingredients and dosage are designed at different positions in the injection molding machine according to the time control. Through automatic program control, the required ingredients are mixed and processed within a specific time, and the product manufacturing and processing of the injection mold are carried out through the export position, and finally the product processing and molding are carried out

3 considering the actual requirements of the product, control the working quality of the injection molding machine - Measurement of manual and automatic control

the management of the production and processing quality of the injection molding machine includes multiple levels, and should run through the whole process of product production, so as to improve the quality of the product. Both manual control and automatic control should be strictly standardized to process and manufacture, especially for the batching of injection molding machine, we should take into account the actual situation of product requirements, local environment and climate, materials and equipment, etc. at the same time, we should establish a set of quality and technical control systems and systems, constantly improve products and management, and achieve development goals. "Quality first" always puts development first, updates and improves technology, ensures the coordinated development of quality management and technology, and successfully achieves the goal. Thermoelectric temperature sensor is a contact temperature measuring instrument, which is one of the industrial instruments. Its basic feature is that the measurement accuracy is very high, because the thermal power supply directly interacts with the detected medium, and because its measurement range is very wide, the thermocouples we often use can be achieved from -50 ° C to 1600 ° C

3.1 based on manual control, emphasize the diversification of automatic control of injection molding machine

the core of injection molding machine is the controller, which realizes semi-automatic or full-automatic intelligent control through the cooperation of various electronic components and hydraulic system. The design of controller in automatic control has a great impact on product quality, which affects the molding of injection molding machine. In automatic control, To operate effectively according to the specific program design, manual control focuses on realizing the pressure control area of the injection molding machine for the plastic mold, the control of the temperature, the time control of the production speed of the product, etc

fundamentally, the operation of the control system is mainly completed manually. Even in the process of intelligent control, there is no shortage of manual control processes, such as mold protection, different needs and requirements of users, more and more personalized operations, and other RF admittance (capacitive) and ultrasonic level switches are constantly increasing. This is based on the premise of basic automatic control and integrates flexible manual control, Among them, the program design of electrical control system is particularly important

3.2 the precision machining requirements of injection molding machine in manual control are strict and comprehensive.

injection molding machine is a tool and device used to produce products with specific specifications in industry and machinery industry. It is made by various processing methods, such as common blow molding, die casting and stretching. These are important processing methods in the manufacturing process, that is, to obtain predetermined materials by means of separation and molding, including machine punching and die punching, Achieve the mold requirements. Finish machining the mold to make the surface quality and machining accuracy of the parts meet the specification requirements. Therefore, the finishing requirements in manual control are strict and comprehensive. In the process of mold design and manufacturing of injection molding machine, the operation level of mold and the mastery and application of various stamping processes are directly related to the final quality of mold. We need to pay special attention to strictly following the operating procedures to make it meet the requirements and standards, reasonable operation control and specification of details

4 the two control methods of injection molding machine require each to take what it needs and cooperate with each other

mitsubishi contactor mso-n10kp1.6aac220, motor starter contactor and thermal overload relay are combined to form motor starter, which is mainly used for connecting and breaking circuits in the power system with AC frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz, rated voltage of 1000V and rated current of 800A, and can provide overload protection and phase failure protection of three-phase AC motor

4.1 seek innovation, improve the quality of injection molding products, and improve the management and control ability

this requires us to start from practice, constantly explore and summarize experience, and optimize and create. Continue to reduce energy consumption, optimize production processes, try to save costs, reduce losses, ensure the safe and smooth progress of production, strengthen the detailed treatment in the manufacturing process, and strictly control quality standards. In addition to mastering solid basic skills and diligent experience and practice, it is also very important to constantly explore, improve, summarize and innovate in practice, which requires continuous reflection, modesty and prudence, so that you can improve your skill level over time. Give full play to the function of the injection molding machine, and embody the function of oneself

the temperature of the thermocouple is transmitted through the temperature of the sensor. It is a contact temperature measuring instrument. We carry out effective measurement through relevant industrial instruments. The accuracy of the temperature is very high, because the thermocouple directly affects the measured range, and the measurement range is also very large. For the frequently used injection molding machine, we achieve the effective temperature through the effective synthesis of ingredients, and through continuous synthesis, the mold to be injected will form a finished product, In order to achieve reasonable requirements and standards

4.2 the mechanical control of intelligent movement of injection molding machine ensures the quality of injection mold

there are various mechanical movements in the working process of injection molding machine, and various mechanical movements have different effects on the process realization and product quality. Therefore, the control and flexible application of mechanical movement in the design of injection molding product mold is of great significance to improve the design level and object quality

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