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Korean paper industry relies on strong exports to increase investment

Korean paper enterprises swept away the decline since the financial crisis in 1997 and began large-scale investment and equipment transformation by relying on strong exports

in the first half of this year, despite sluggish domestic demand, the export of high value-added printing paper from major paper companies to developed countries such as Europe and the United States increased strongly, and the export of printing paper increased by 12.5% over the same period last year

realizing the precision of extruder can improve the gold content of products. Affected by this, major companies restart investment, equipment transformation, speed up structural adjustment, and carry out cooperation and reasonable division of labor in the industry

new Maolin paper cooperates with China Chenming Paper Group and plans to sign a cooperation agreement with an investment of US $14million. The project is a three-way cooperation between the above two parties and Safi, the world's largest coated paper enterprise, with an estimated annual output of 350000 tons of LWC paper. The company will take the difficulty of finding liquid nitrogen in the Chinese market as a fulcrum to strengthen its global competitiveness

Korean paper company will also continue to invest in the production line of phase 4 freshmen of Wenshan factory, with a total investment of US $100million and an annual output of 170000 tons of white paper. The latest investment of the company is the third phase production line for coated paper, which was launched in 2001. If the addition of equipment is completed, the annual production capacity of the company will be increased from 330000 tons to 500000 tons, making it one of the top three papermaking companies in Korea

in addition, Hansong paper company has a good sales performance this year, and the current account profit is expected to be as high as $90million. The company also invested $30million in the subsidiary Hansong construction, accelerating the restructuring of this subsidiary with the most fragile financial structure

the merger process of Xinhu paper in debt restructuring has come to an end, and 65billion won will be invested in equipment transformation by 2006

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