The hottest Korean manufacturers buy Anhui plastic

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Korean manufacturers purchase Anhui plasticized oil equipment

the environmental protection patented technology introduced by Dongguan cement plant of Chaodong group in Chaohu City, Anhui Province - the production technology of waste plastics into steam and diesel equipment, has been declared by Anhui Commodity Inspection Bureau and Anhui Foreign Trade Bureau and will be sold abroad

it is understood that Dongguan cement plant leads customers to trust our environmental protection equipment, plasticizing oil engine, which can process 5 tons of waste plastics every day and produce 2 tons of gasoline and diesel oil that meet national standards. The average oil conversion rate is 40%. The oil output rate of disposable fast food boxes can reach 70%, which has a broad market prospect, considerable benefits and meets the current environmental protection requirements

at the beginning of May this year, a Korean businessman led relevant experts to visit the factory twice in half a month after hearing the news. After confirming that the patented technology was mature, the production volume reduction process was complete, and the equipment was well made, he then ordered a production line. At the time of water injection and preloading, Tongxian also volunteered to make extensive promotion for the obligation of the equipment in South Korea, and completed all research content introduction activities

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