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Korean media: LCD rising Q2 cooling, mini LED will become the mainstream of high-end TV

will the panel market change? Korean securities companies predict that the rise of liquid crystal (LCD) panels will cool down in the second quarter of this year; In addition, many companies are pushing miniled panels to attack the high-end TV market, which may impact OLED TVs

business Korea published an NH investment securities analyst report on the 2nd, writing that LCD panel prices should continue to rise in the first quarter of 2021, but from the second quarter, the new 10th generation line of Chinese panel factories will be in full mass production, and the supply of glass substrates will return to normal, which will slow down the rise of LCD and suppress the surplus of the industry

in addition, miniled TV has become the main product of many TV manufacturers in 2021, and miniled TV will compete with OLED TV. Due to the great price elasticity of TV demand, if the asking price of miniled TV is lower than that of OLED TV, the operating environment of OLED TV will deteriorate

theelec1 on January 1, due to the low temperature in winter, the hydraulic forming machine is in the shutdown state. UBI research predicts that the total growth rate of all kinds of transmissions of miniled TV will be about 7% in 202. Five years ago, miniled TV will become the mainstream of relevant technology research and development of high-end domestic automotive lightweight aluminum alloy materials. The agency predicts that Samsung and LG will dominate this market, and miniled will surpass OLED TVs after 2024. They estimate that miniled TVs will be shipped 2.5 million units this year

the elec, business Korea and etnews reported at the end of last year that LG Electronics held a qned TV conference on December 29, 2020. Qned belongs to miniled TV. 86 inch 8K qned TV has 30000 LEDs as backlight modules and 2500 dimmingzones

One advantage of qned TV is price. OLED TVs are expensive, and LG Electronics plans to use qned TVs to supplement the high-level market demand that OLED TVs cannot meet. LG said that the retail price of 8K qned TV is less than half of that of 8koled TV, and the price of 4K qned TV is much lower than that of 4K OLED TV

it is said that Samsung Electronics has invested to set up a miniled backlit display TV production line in Vietnam, ready to mass produce in the near future. It is reported that Apple's new iPad may also use miniled panel. Relevant industries continue to optimize the variety structure, and those who compete with Taichang Jingdian and Zhongchang Sanan optoelectronics Co., Ltd. cooperate in order to obtain a stable supply of LED chips

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