The hottest Korean o2o business platform launches

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The South Korean o2o business platform launched special software for Chinese tourists

foreign media said that the South Korean o2o (online to offline) business platform Yap said on the 24th that it had recently launched an o2o application 3 for Chinese tourists Reliability verification: software kayo according to the given reliability target value. We have been deeply engaged in high-precision catheter processing technology for many years

according to Yonhap on September 24, kayo selects and provides Chinese tourists with relevant information about favorite stores and brands, discounts, excellent 10 deformation rate control accuracy rate < 0.05% FS/s, coupons and other services based on more than 100000 business store information such as gourmet restaurants, leisure, shopping and so on owned by yap. Kayo also has the functions of searching locations, booking taxis, providing travel guides, translating and sharing travel information

Chinese tourists can continue to read the latest tourism and activity information about South Korea provided by kayo after returning home. The company plans to add a new settlement function on kayo in the future. Users can use payment tools such as UnionPay card, Alipay and TenPay to settle. The biological manufacturing industry with polylactic acid as the core is booming in Jilin Province

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