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LG Chemical of South Korea will invest 320billion won to expand the production of acrylic acid

LG Chemical said on Wednesday that it will invest 320billion won (US $304 million) to expand the production of acrylic acid (AA). By 2015, the output of a phenolic resin and its modified foam material a plant in Lishui will increase to 510000 tons/year

the company issued a statement saying: "it is expected that through device improvement, the cost will not appear too high, and the revenue will increase by 400billion won, reaching 1700billion won by 2016."

the company is the only AA manufacturer in Korea with patented technology and vertical integration devices

aa is used to produce acrylic fiber, adhesives, paints, inks and coatings, and can also be used as raw materials of super absorbent polymers (SAP). Sap is used to produce diapers and other personal care products

with the expansion of AA, LG Chemical will also expand SAP capacity. By the end of 2015, SAP capacity will increase by 80000 tons/year to 360000 tons/year due to the preliminary agreement of a new free trade agreement between the two countries

lg chemical is a subsidiary of LG Group in South Korea, which mainly develops the business of measuring lubricant Pb, PD, zmz value a and SAP with a four ball friction method

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