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Application of TESA tape in refrigerator and freezer industry

TESA tape is the second largest professional tape manufacturing company in the world. Its parent company, Beiersdorf, was founded in 1882 and is a global top 500 enterprise. In 1995, Desa tape company entered China and actively recommended high-quality tapes and introduced advanced adhesive technology to the refrigerator and freezer industry for the strength test by the method that the water cement ratio was thinner than the mortar. At present, the well-known users in China include Haier, Kelon, Rongsheng, Meiling, Konka, Xingbao, etc. Well known users in the world include Electrolux, whirlpool, doctor, Siemens, GE and L. the inability to obtain commercial quantities of graphene is a key problem that has hindered the use of graphene and the maturity and implementation of graphene enhanced utilization (the following generation of energy technology, composites, water treatment and corrosion protection, etc.) over the years

according to the specific process requirements of the refrigerator and freezer industry, Desa tape company has developed a series of tape products required by the refrigerator and freezer industry. The main applications are divided into: double-sided tape for fixing evaporator and inner tank, double-sided tape for fixing control panel and label, single-sided aluminum foil tape for fixing radiator, single-sided non-woven breathable tape for blocking foaming vent holes, single-sided masking tape for temporary fixing of tooling, PVC single-sided tape for wire harness binding, single-sided TPP tape for temporary positioning and fixing of door leaf and movable partition, protective tape for refrigerator shell, etc

evaporator fixation: evaporator is the key component in the refrigeration process of refrigerator. The size of the bonding area between the evaporator and the refrigerator liner affects the power consumption of the refrigerator; The strength of the adhesive strength affects the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator; The length of adhesive aging determines the service life of the refrigerator evaporator. A few years ago, the refrigerator industry generally felt headache because of the evaporator falling off due to bonding failure, the refrigerator did not refrigerate, and even burned down. After sales, you can use the experimental machine with more confidence in the serious quality problems of the compressor. Desa company timely launched Desa non-woven base material high-strength modified acrylic double-sided tape. This series of products have passed ul969 certification, and the temperature resistance range is -40 ℃ ~ 150 ℃. Using 15g/m2 high-grade non-woven fiber base material, the gap between the base materials allows the upper and lower surfaces of the base material to fully infiltrate the modified acrylic adhesive that balances the adhesion and shear force, forming a soft non-woven fiber reinforced adhesive film in the middle, which makes the bonded object like adding a layer of adhesive film damping pad. This layer of damping pad makes this series of products finally pass the low-temperature drop test at the test temperature of -20 ℃. Because of the above characteristics, this series of double-sided tape not only has outstanding adhesion to ABS, hips and other materials commonly used in the refrigerator liner, excellent adhesion - the fitting rate is up to 90%, but also has excellent internal qualities such as anti-corrosion of foaming agent chemical volatile substances, resistance to cold and hot temperature fluctuations, anti-aging and so on, which improves the working life of the refrigerator evaporator as a whole, thereby extending the service life of the refrigerator. The non-woven base material and the special release paper with PE coating can be torn by hand, which is especially suitable for on-site workers to operate manually, improve work efficiency and promote production capacity. The thickness of this series of products is divided into 80 microns (tesa60933), 100 microns (tesa60975), 130 microns (tesa60976), 140 microns (tesa60980), 160 microns (tesa4940), which is convenient for designers to choose from

radiator fixation: this year, most of the refrigerator radiators adopt the process of single-sided aluminum foil tape to directly bond and fix the pipeline to the inner side of the refrigerator shell steel plate. It is required that the aluminum foil tape should not only have high adhesive force, but also have sufficient strength and serviceability. Desa aluminum foil tape adopts high-strength acrylic acid, and the temperature resistance range is -50 ℃ to 150 ℃. There are three thicknesses: 70 microns (tesa50525), 90 microns (tesa50565) and 120 microns (tesa50575). Through ul510 certification, Desa aluminum foil tape has high adhesion, moderate flexibility and excellent cold and heat conductivity, ensuring that the heat dissipation metal pipeline is tightly bonded to the refrigerator shell steel plate. The non adhesive side is coated with a special release coating to ensure the maximum adhesion between the foaming agent and the aluminum foil surface (95%), prevent the corrosion of the foaming agent to the metal pipeline, improve the thermal conductivity, improve the refrigeration efficiency, reduce the power consumption, and extend the service life of the refrigerator

Figure 1: schematic diagram of double-sided adhesive tape bonding and fixing evaporator

foaming vent plugging: foaming is an important production process in the production process of refrigerator. During foaming filling, it is required to exhaust the air between the inner and outer tanks of the refrigerator. If the air cannot be exhausted, a vacuum will be generated, and the vacuum will hinder the smooth flow of fluid foaming material. When the foaming material of the fluid is cooled and solidified, it will cause incomplete filling, uneven distribution and uneven thickness of the foaming material, which will affect the constant temperature and heat preservation effect of the refrigerator. The refrigeration of the refrigerator cannot meet the design index, and the power consumption will increase. Therefore, several exhaust holes are usually reserved in the design of the liner to avoid vacuum between the inner and outer liner, and the fluid foaming material is required not to overflow. According to the requirements of this process, TESA company launched one-sided non-woven base breathable tape (tesa4576). The product adopts thickened non-woven base material (75 microns), dot acrylic coating method, with strong adhesion, high permeability (40m3/cm2. S), high temperature resistance of foaming agent (200 ℃), waterproof, anti-aging, low unwinding force, easy to tear, etc. Desa breathable tape can not only resist the impact of high temperature and high pressure foaming agent without falling off, exhaust thoroughly, bond firmly, and the foaming material does not overflow, improve the working efficiency, improve the filling quality of foaming material, and reduce power consumption

Figure 2: schematic diagram of breathable tape

temporary positioning and fixation of door leaf and movable partition: the refrigerator is delivered from the refrigerator manufacturer to the user, which needs to go through warehousing and logistics, wholesale and distribution. The movable partition basket in the refrigerator needs to be temporarily fixed and positioned, and the door leaf of the large refrigerator also needs to be fixed and positioned. These temporary fixing requires that the fixed binding tape has high tensile resistance and low elongation, and more importantly, the end user should not have any adhesive residue and transfer when tearing off these tapes. If adhesive remains on the surface of the refrigerator, users will use non professional methods to clean up the residual adhesive, which is not only time-consuming, but also may scratch the paint on the surface of the refrigerator, causing great inconvenience to users and unpleasant impact on the refrigerator brand. The TPP high-strength binding tape developed by Desa company adopts the unique primer formula and primer technology of Desa company, which fully ensures sufficient cohesion between the adhesive and the substrate, firmly combines, and produces outstanding adhesive free performance, which has won the praise of all refrigerator users who use Desa tape. The thickness is 70 microns (tesa4287), 78 microns (tesa64250), 110 microns (tesa64284), 116 microns (tesa4298), and the colors include transparent, ivory white, orange red, and blue. The tesa64250 product also has a humanized design of silent unwinding, which creates a quiet and harmonious working environment without noise pollution for users

Desa tape continuously introduces new products and applications according to user needs. Desa tape brings users not only excellent products, but also advanced application technology and expertise. As airlines continue to look for solutions, 1 technical support to reduce aircraft weight and reduce costs. (end)

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