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South Korean men were sentenced to five years and six months for smuggling more than 1000 tons of waste powder paint

South Korean men were sentenced to five years and six months for smuggling more than 1000 tons of waste powder paint

December 09, 2015

[China paint information] on June 5, 2015, Jiangsu Taizhou intermediate people's court delivered a first instance judgment on the case of Korean nationals smuggling more than 1000 tons of waste powder paint. Recently, during the legal supervision of the case, the procurator of Taizhou People's Procuratorate found that although many criminals in this case have been prosecuted, hundreds of tons of solid waste seized at that time were still left in Lianyungang customs. How to deal with this batch of waste has become a problem for them

in recent days, I followed the staff of the procuratorial organ to Lianyungang customs and found hundreds of tons of smuggled solid waste seized in November 2013 in the outdoor storage place of a company

in South Korea, waste "powder coating" is a solid waste that pollutes the environment, and its disposal is very strict. Because of the high cost of recycling and treatment, some manufacturers smuggle these wastes into China for sale. The criminal Zhong Yutian is the person in charge of a furniture store in Taizhou. He smuggles waste for profit through Han Xuedong (Chinese name), a Korean national. From May, 2011 to November, 2013, they smuggled 1071 tons of waste powder coatings and were seized at Lianyungang customs. On June 5 this year, Zhong Yutian was sentenced to six years' imprisonment for the crime of smuggling waste, and Han Xuedong was sentenced to five years and six months' imprisonment. Now, the Jiangsu Provincial High Court has made a final judgment and upheld the original judgment, and the criminals have finally been brought to justice. How else should these wastes smuggled into China be handled

this problem has also attracted the attention of the legal supervision department - Taizhou People's Procuratorate. They visited Taizhou customs and the case related companies in many ways, trying to return this 2Kn solid waste produced by StarTech to South Korea

Liang Dong, the anti smuggling policeman of Taizhou customs anti smuggling branch: "after our early communication with the business unit at that time, although he was unable to push this batch of waste powder coating outside the country, he was willing to undertake the whole transportation and loading and unloading costs within the scope of investment."

after many communications, the environmental protection department soon came exciting news. They reported that Changzhou had found a qualified company willing to do pollution-free treatment for free. After the coordination of Lianyungang customs, the unit that originally kept solid waste also made it clear that it would not charge storage fees. At present, this batch of solid waste has been safely transported to Changzhou and will be treated in a pollution-free manner in the near future

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