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South Korean printing enterprises will acquire Uzbekistan cotton pulp factory

South Korean media reported that Daewoo International and South Korea mint and security printing cooperation formed a partnership to acquire Uzbekistan cotton pulp factory

the two companies have jointly established a global komsco Daewoo joint venture, which is responsible for the implementation of the acquisition and completion of the industrial chain project of 10 advantageous products. Daewoo holds 65% of the shares, while Korean mint and security printing have 35% of the shares

komsco Daewoo worldwide will use komsco's cotton pulp production technology and Daewoo's operating experience to establish a legal entity in Uzbekistan where the reserves have been proved

the joint venture will start operation after the factory transformation and supplementary investment in the second half of next year. This factory will produce 20000 tons of cotton pulp per year. Daewoo is responsible for selling products to different companies, including komsco

the plant is expected to provide stable cotton pulp to South Korea. Cotton pulp is used in the production of paper money and bills, as well as synthetic chemical products and textiles. 2. The measurement control system of microcomputer controlled material testing machine (divided into software system and hardware system): most of the measurement and control systems of hydraulic microcomputer controlled material testing machine in the market now adopt the raw materials of 8-bit single chip microcomputer controlled products

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