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The printing service market is optimistic

you must know that Harry Potter swept the world in a few months. When you hold it in your hand, are you attracted by its "coat" with elegant patterns? Many people, even experts in the printing industry, have always thought that this "coat" uses a special material - "special paper", but it is a small "trick" that captivates people's eyes. It was when I interviewed relevant people from people's Literature Publishing House that I found "World Post". Its unique world post style image makes many magazines and newspapers such as Harry Potter, China printing, open to traffic in advertising, publishing units such as people's Publishing House and people's Literature Publishing House, and business materials of large enterprises and institutions such as Bank of China and Chinatelecom "wear" the neon of "good quality and low price"

"shiyouzhai" is a medium-sized company operating special printing business in Beijing, which is located at the foot of Zhongfu building. It is "shiyouzhai" Co., Ltd. that some industry elites with keen sense of smell are adjusting the direction from the red sea of traditional packaging. The discovery of the vigorous manager Jiang Zhenxiong created the shiyouzhai style impression. In 1994, after graduating from Renmin University, Jiang Zhenxiong went to a Sino Hong Kong joint venture - New Hanlun paper company. Soon after he became the assistant to the general manager, he was sent back to Beijing group construction Beijing Branch. Although he was not a professional, Jiang Zhenxiong still had a good feeling about the printing business. Facing the special paper with good effect but high price, he suddenly wondered whether he could print patterns on ordinary printing paper. Through consulting materials, he was able to introduce relevant technologies and equipment. After that, Shuang carried out equipment and technology transformation and Sinicization, and the shiyouzhai style impression was born

special paper has patterns on the paper itself, while the shiyouzhai style image is the result of surface treatment on ordinary paper. From the prints such as Harry Potter and printing in China, we can't deny that the shiyouzhai style prints have rapidly improved the artistic effect and grade of paper, prints and paper products, and play an important role in image publicity and intuitive and efficient anti-counterfeiting. In addition, because the style image is printed first and then the image, the printing effect will be more real, while using special paper printing is easy to be false; The price of special paper is 1/2 to 2/3 higher than that of style image

at present, this technology has been widely used by publishers, printing houses, packaging companies, advertising companies, design companies and other units in the design and printing of books, magazines, brochures, calendars, paper packaging, handbags and other products

it is reported that at present, there are very few enterprises that can provide image services in North China, and shiyouzhai is one of them. In Guangdong, where the printing industry is relatively developed, few enterprises provide printing services. It is obvious that with the development of the printing industry 5. Whether the cables and wires of the equipment are aging or damaged, especially the increasing demand for packaging printing, advertising printing and anti-counterfeiting printing, the market for printing services will be extremely broad. Jiang Zhenxiong said that their printing business has only gradually developed over the past year, but it still has not achieved the desired effect. It can be seen that there is a gap between the demand and supply of the image market, and there are many articles about image

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