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An enterprise that illegally operated TDI in Putian was sealed up

recently, Putian Safety Supervision Bureau and Public Security Bureau carried out joint law enforcement to carry out special inspection and rectification of enterprises involving dangerous chemicals in the city, and two enterprises were sealed up

among them, a large number of plastic barrels containing toluene diisocyanate (TDI) are stacked in the courtyard of Huaxiang foam products Co., Ltd. in Hualin Industrial Park, Chengxiang District. The extensibility of the business owner cannot provide the corresponding certificates to the law enforcement personnel, and the storage does not meet the security conditions, which is no more than 100 μ Exposed to the open sun, there are serious safety hazards. Law enforcement officials ordered the owner to immediately store TDI in a temporary warehouse. The national power battery innovation center has set up a library, and the enterprise was sealed up for rectification

it is reported that TDI is a highly toxic chemical, which will decompose into toxic gases when exposed to open flames and oxidants. In case of high heat, it can decompose violently, causing container rupture or explosion

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