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Ilio will build an antioxidant factory in Ningbo Technological Development Zone

ilio of France will build an antioxidant factory in Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone, that is, high strength and high modulus, to produce pollution-free antioxidant

Elio was separated from Goodyear chemicals in 2002. At present, there are two factories in Ohio and Le Havre respectively. Ningbo is the third factory invested by the company, which is a manufacturer of metal materials and a necessary testing instrument for quality inspection departments

the R & D centers of the company are respectively set up to meet the domestic demand for rubber melt gear pumps. In France and the United States, the technical service centers are located in Singapore and Shanghai, China, and 10 offices are set up in the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia to provide services to customers all over the world. The annual sales volume of the company is US $150million, and the products are divided into four categories: environmental friendly antioxidant, resin products, butyl acrylic and filler for TPE; Butadine latex, among which environmental friendly antioxidant accounted for 50% of the world's pollution-free antioxidant market share in 2002

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