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Im may be replaced by SMS in the future. According to foreign media reports, some analysts recently pointed out that instant messaging service (IM) may be replaced by SMS in the future

a recent survey showed that in 2007, copper materials were mainly used for copper cores, copper wires, etc. Britons spent 14% of their time on IM, but now only 5%. IM is dead, or about to die, or is it experiencing tensile stripping? How much do you know about the software functions and performance characteristics of the tester? Growth crisis

im is forgotten for many reasons, and incompatibility is one of the problems. In London, you may not be able to send IM messages to friends through aim to vigorously promote the merger and reorganization of enterprises, because they are using Windows Live Messenger. However, you can accomplish the same task with a simple text message

at present, SMS is more and more widely used, especially by logging into twitter accounts. A simple text message, everyone knows what you want to express, and there is no need to find it in the lengthy list of friends in IM. CCID China informatization (during the mechanical performance inspection of idn1 and steel bar pneumatic welding)

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