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Image printing skills 4

high frequency fatigue testing machine is widely used in the dynamic and static mechanical property experiments of materials and parts. 1. Set the printing color

at present, many types of inkjet printers support color adjustment. Whether the color can be adjusted to the best state has a crucial impact on whether high-definition pictures can be printed. Open the printer properties dialog box, adjust the color to the best state, then take a piece of ordinary printing paper and put it on the printer, print the picture, and see whether the printed effect is the most satisfactory. If you are not satisfied, adjust it again, and print it after adjustment. Only when the printed picture reaches the best state in your opinion, can you put higher quality paper into the printer and enter the positive printing stage

2. Reduce the image density

when you encounter an image with a deep background color that needs to be printed, according to the national and provincial government's air pollution prevention and control program, it is generally necessary to set up the printer appropriately to reduce the image density processing requirements of the inkjet printer, so as to effectively improve the image printing speed; When setting to reduce the color "density" of the image, you can right-click the printer icon, select the "properties"/"graphics" command from the shortcut menu that opens later, then click the "graphics method" tab with the left mouse button, and then select "use raster graphics" in this tab page. In this way, you can speed up the printer's processing speed of image color depth. In addition, you can also reduce the printing resolution to improve the printing speed of the image, because the most important indicator to measure the clarity of the image is the resolution. The higher the resolution, the higher the image accuracy, the better the printing quality, but the slower the printing speed. Minimizing the printing resolution can effectively improve the printing speed

3. Make appropriate settings for print output

when printing images in the application program, you can make some appropriate settings for the settings of image output in terms of theoretical analysis and design calculation of drawing components in the pop-up setting box after clicking the print command; For example, in word application, if we select the "draft output" item in the print attribute setting box, the image contained in the document cannot be printed correctly. At this time, you should check whether the "graphic image" item in the "additional information of printing document" column is selected. Only by ensuring that this option is selected, can the image contained in the document be printed. For another example, if you want to print the background image of a page displayed in the browser, when you directly use the print command, the background pattern in the page cannot be printed, because the page background is not a complete image in most cases; This may be because the page design takes into account the printing effect of black-and-white printer, so the page background pattern is shielded during printing. When printing with a color printer, if you still want to print the web page completely, you can select the browser's "tools"/"Internet Options" command in turn, select the "advanced" page in the open "Internet Options" window, and then click the "print color and image" option under the "print" sub item in the "Settings" window, So you can print out the page background

4. Centralized typesetting of multiple pictures

because the inkjet printer is different from the ordinary printer, it takes a period of time to clean and reset each time it is started, so you should not turn off the printer power every time you print an image or several images, but should first print the images that need to be printed together; And if you print more images, you can also skillfully use page layout to print multiple images on one page, so that the efficiency of image printing will be greatly improved

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