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The illegal printing of food packaging bags was investigated

Xuzhou, China - current Morning Post (zhuyouqin) recently, the law enforcement officers of Xuzhou Bureau of quality supervision raided a large-scale printing factory in the North District according to the reports of the masses, and seized a batch of illegally printed food packaging materials on the spot, of which 23000 fake black cow milk powder packaging bags alone

Recently, the quality supervision department received a report that a printing factory in our city was suspected of producing fake packaging bags. After receiving the report, law enforcement officers rushed to the printing plant for inspection. At the inspection site, law enforcement officers found that more than 10 workers were printing packaging materials, and the printed food packaging bags such as soymilk powder and biscuits were placed on the ground. After investigation, the black cow milk powder packaging bag of Guangdong black cow Food Co., Ltd. printed by the factory forged the production license of the packaging manufacturer, and could not provide any relevant information. The packaging bag was indeed counterfeit

in addition, the factory did not obtain a food packaging bag production license for more than 10 other kinds of food packaging bags found on site, and it can be customized. The law enforcement officers detained the printers who used to print fake food packaging according to law. In front of you, you can see 7 pieces of electric engravings of daily necessities, 10 volumes of packaging materials and 5 books of accounts

at present, the case is under further investigation and trial

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