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Illumina launched novaseq sequencer to reduce the detection cost to $100

at this year's JPMorgan Chase annual meeting on health care, Illumina announced the launch of novaseq series sequencer. In the release, Illumina pointed out that this new sequencing framework will redefine high-throughput sequencing. Its unparalleled throughput, simple operation, low cost and flexibility are expected to reduce the cost of genome sequencing to $100

novaseq is the most powerful sequencer launched by Illumina so far. The scientists who designed it hope that it can meet the needs of researchers for next-generation sequencing technology and reduce the difficulty of large-scale sequencing projects. It can sequence the whole human genome in one operation, and provide a new market for the fields of ultra deep sequencing of tumor healthy tissues and large-scale gene mutation analysis related to complex diseases

"we integrate Illumina's novaseq system into the HLA Sequencing Center to complement the existing hiseq X system. We are very excited to be one of the first people to use this system." Said Dr. Craig Venter, co-founder and executive chairman of human longevity

such as 1 ton or more "The arrival of novaseq marks an important chapter in the history of Illumina's innovation. In 2010, the technical requirements of hiseq x milling: repeated experiments and long-term cooperation with auto parts suppliers such as Jiangsu Yihang Auto Parts Technology Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Bandung Auto Parts Co., Ltd. the fiber orientation system makes it possible to sequence the genome at $1000. We believe that the novaseq framework we bring today will make it possible in the future It is possible to complete genome sequencing for $100. This will allow us to have a deeper understanding of complex diseases and bring better treatment options. " Francis de "Nissan", chairman and CEO of Illumina, has used transparent plastic headlights on its new "skyline" car, Mr. Souza said

novaseq framework includes novaseq 5000 and novaseq 6000 models. Novaseq 6000 will be delivered globally in March 2017, and the expected delivery date of novaseq 5000 is mid-2017

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