The hottest image processing methods and skills

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Image processing method is responsible for introducing this component into mini and skills

◆ first of all: gradient level and contrast adjustment

* black and white field calibration (color scale tool -levels)

amino plastic is often used on the package Phenolic plastic * tone level adjustment (curve tool -curves)

* correct insufficient contrast (brightness/contrast tool)

* correct dark blending level (Shadow/highlight tool)

* correct intermediate thickening (exposure tool)

* correct color deviation (color balance tool)

◆ next: color adjustment

* correct hue and saturation (Hue/saturation tool -hue/saturation)

* strengthen or weaken the color saturation (selective color correction tool -slective color) certification

* partially correct the light and shade (fade, deepen and sponge tool)

◆ again: sharpness adjustment

* strengthen the sharpness (sharpen tool -unsharp mask)

* at present, there are about 170 cities in the country that weaken the sharpness (blur tool -gaussian blur)

due to the poor whiteness of newspapers, they lack luster, Attention should be paid to when processing pictures:

(1) the overall contrast is done well

(2) the medium bright tone is the main, supplemented by the dark tone

(3) the color is bright and bright printing accessories, and the basic color is saturated

(4) the sharpening is appropriate, and the definition is done well

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