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Ilim Bratsk pulp and paper plant is under threat again

Bratsk pulp and paper plant (Bratsk), a subsidiary of Ilim pulp and paper enterprise in Russia, has faced new plunder, which may be a signal of further attempts by the company

According to the plan, zakhar s, chairman of the company, said on August 6, mushkin local time that for the same reason, the company's Kotlas factory has been surrounded for several weeks recently

Ilim said that the so-called new chairman of the company came to the Bratsk pulp plant in eastern Siberia last week, announced that he would control the plant, and presented an unauthorized letter of appointment. He was not allowed to enter the factory

Frank graves, chief operating officer (COO) of Ilim, said, "however, this may only be the beginning. We estimate that the situation will develop into the same as that of the Kotlas plant." However, he also said that the front door of the Bratsk factory was as strong as the White House, and even cars and tanks could not rush in

ilim's Kotlas pulp plant is still guarding against armed personnel associated with Siberian Aluminum Corporation (Sibal). Earlier last week, due to the fear of safety problems caused by the arrival of foreign armed personnel, Ilim cleaned up the office of managing the end of the demographic dividend for more than a day. China's research in the field of vehicle materials started late. The company said that so far, the local authorities are still preventing outsiders

in recent months, Ilim has consistently faced hostile acquisitions from Oleg Deripaska and its affiliated Sibal and other companies

Ilim has responded in court, including seeking help from international law firms. Politically, the company developed a new thermoplastic composite preform technology called "qee-tech" by South Korea eelcee company and the corresponding processing equipment department has appealed to President Putin, and is expected to receive a reply within a week. Putin appointed three ministers - the Ministry of trade and economic development, the Ministry of justice and the attorney general's office to review the appeal and submit a joint report to the president

Ilim said that at present, both Bratsk and Kotlas factories are facing equity disputes provoked by Siberian alpari company. The company tried to convene a general meeting of shareholders, but failed because its letter of appointment was illegal. At the same time, Ilim also appealed to the court on the ground that alpari was not a registered legal shareholder

when the shareholder dispute first occurred last year, Sibal and related companies seized the Bratsk plant with an annual output of 1million metric tons in December with the assistance of armed personnel. Ilim appealed and regained control, restoring relative calm to the situation. Ilim said the loss of 2.8 billion rubles (87million US dollars) was irreparable

Ilim publicly announced that the armed hostile acquisition of the factory was a test of the Russian economy and reform. Ilim chairman zakhar smushkin said, "our conflict will definitely not be the last."

Smushkin said that presenting a petition to President Putin might restore legal treatment. He said, "I believe the president will make the right decision, and I believe this incident will be resolved through legal means in the near future."

smushkin pointed out that at present, all factories operate normally. He said, "despite the difficulties, all our work sites are operating according to the budget approved at the beginning of the year. Therefore, our customers can remain calm because the situation is still under our control."

however, COO graves also said, "when our opponents are ready to steal the whole field, it is difficult for us to keep our eyes on the ball."

according to the data provided by Ilim, its pulp and paper production data are as follows (2001):

commercial pulp: 1.5 million metric tons

carton board: 376000 metric tons

corrugated packaging: 433000 metric tons

carton board: 185000 metric tons

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