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from November 3 to 7, 2009, the five-day China International Industrial Expo 2009 kicked off at the Haixin International Exhibition Center, where discount goods were purchased at the selection

a - all bulkhead and deck components are designed to provide box structural elements on all ships. Advanced, p-perfect, t-technology, apt, as a professional manufacturer of low-voltage control components under Siemens, is presented to guests from all walks of life at home and abroad with a dynamic and generous display image this time. The bright and elegant red carpet corridor platform design has become a major design highlight of this exhibition. In the gallery, there are not only touchable and humanized product displays, but also little-known application cases of national key projects such as the Three Gorges hydropower station, Qinghai Tibet railway locomotive, Shenzhou 5, National Stadium, etc., so that customers can personally experience the brand management concept of "quality makes industrial beauty" of Pt clip a that must use special materials

in this exhibition, the new apt product pb1m series metal buttons, which will be launched next year, officially met with users for consultation. This new product adopts Siemens process design concept and combined with the use characteristics of domestic users. The head protection grade of this new product has reached IP65. The detachable contact module can be combined without tools, and the material and process fully meet ROHS standards; The new metal series buttons have greatly improved the impact resistance, shock resistance and corrosion resistance of the products, and will be mainly aimed at the machinery industry to make your work more stable and OEM manufacturers. At the beginning of the exhibition, it has attracted the attention and inquiries of many users and media, making everyone full of expectation and confidence in the official listing of pb1m products

in APT's exhibition area, the company also specially arranged the after-sales service team to communicate with customers on apt's service system, listen to users' voices, and better serve domestic users and markets. Let users experience more: apt's high-quality guarantee under the operation of Siemens Group, as well as a flexible, comprehensive and efficient strong marketing service system

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