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Illegal storage of 4.6 tons of Nippon Paint Changsha banned a paint warehouse

illegal storage of 4.6 tons of Nippon Paint Changsha banned a paint warehouse

January 17, 2017

[China paint information]

recently, the performance characteristics of digital electronic tensile testing machine at 1 Dongan street, Furong district, the road safety committee, together with the District Safety Supervision Bureau and Dongan police station, banned an illegal paint warehouse in Wanglong village, and seized 699 boxes of Nippon Paint, a total of 4.6 tons

after being reported by the safety information officer of Wanglong village, Dongan street, the safety committee of Dongan street found that there was a large amount of dangerous chemical paint on the East facade of Shitang group, Wanglong village, Dongan street. After inspection by the law enforcement personnel, 699 boxes of Nippon Paint were found, for example, the mixing of ABS resin and PMMA was about 4.6 tons, and it was found that the facade had no safety management system, no warning signs, no fire-fighting facilities, and no dangerous chemical business license, There are great potential safety hazards on site. The law enforcement officers immediately issued the advance evidence preservation notice, the advance evidence preservation list, the inquiry notice, etc., and transported the seized goods to the warehouse designated by the District Safety Supervision Bureau

the relevant person in charge said that the end of the year and the beginning of the year are the key periods for safe production. The streets will carry out in-depth comprehensive rectification actions focusing on the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers and the fight against non-compliance, make every effort to investigate and rectify hidden dangers, crack down on illegal acts, and ensure the safety of the area under their jurisdiction

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