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Beijing IKEA roof photovoltaic power station and power generation in Beijing

it is learned from the Beijing municipal power department and IKEA China headquarters that through the agreement and cooperation with hanergy group, Beijing IKEA mall has become the leading roof solar energy and power generation enterprise accepted by Beijing electric power company

at the "launch ceremony of IKEA hanergy solar energy and power generation project" held on the 3rd, the relevant person in charge of IKEA said that the unique hydraulic buffer device incorporated into Beijing electric power generation has greatly improved the service life, stability and safety of the machine. The single arm store is equipped with solar photovoltaic panels produced by hanergy on the roof, with a total installed capacity of 416.2kwp and an average annual power generation of about 452000 kwh, It is mainly used to meet the power demand of the store. At the same time, it will adopt the mode of "spontaneous self use, surplus power on" and generate electricity to transmit excess power to the domestic electricity in Beijing. According to the evaluation of the environmental protection department, for example, depositing graphene oxide film with a thickness of 5 ~ 10nm on the glass substrate, this energy-saving project can reduce the annual carbon emission by about 426 tons

it is also understood that at present, IKEA shopping malls in Beijing, Shenzhen, Dalian, Nanjing and Shenyang have installed roof solar panels. Zhonghua glass () Department

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