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Qingdao is also popular in excavation amusement projects. Qingdao is also popular in excavation amusement projects.

Qingdao is also popular in excavation amusement projects.

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recently, with the popularity of Lanxiang technical school, the brand excavator of Lanxiang technical school has become the object of many friends' ridicule. "Which is the best excavator technology?" It once became a hot topic on the Internet. The technical experts of Jinmin Research Institute provided professional support for material selection, process design, mold design, color design, etc. on October 4, a microblog about "children's excavators" by Yang Yue, a senior media person, was forwarded nearly 60000 times in just two days. The author found that with the "children's Excavator" becoming a hot topic in the Internet, the island city excavator amusement project has also been driven. The children's Excavator project with 5 yuan for three minutes has been pursued by many parents

"don't let children lose at the starting line". Coupled with four photos of children operating children's excavators, Yang Yue, a senior media person, has frantically forwarded this microblog. As of October 7, it has been forwarded 59682 times, and friends' comments have reached 9950. "Is this Lanxiang affiliated kindergarten?" A friend joked, "when I was a child, I studied so well that I never had a chance to go to Lanxiang. Now I think of it, my eyes are full of bitter tears." In these comments, many friends shouted "start with a baby" after seeing the pictures on Weibo. The author learned that the current craze for "Lanxiang" began in mid September

At noon on October 7, the author came to Haiqin square, Shangqiu Road, Shibei District and found a yellow children's Excavator in the children's playground. From the appearance, this children's excavator is no different from the heavy excavator used for construction. The excavator cab not only has seats and operation panel, but also has icons indicating the operation direction on the operation panel. The design of the two operating levers is the same as that of a real excavator. In front of the excavator, there is a fence surrounded by iron wire, which is filled with plastic balls with a diameter of 10 cm. Children can use the operating lever to remotely control the excavator arm to swing up and down, and dig the plastic balls into the bucket

the author saw that in just 10 minutes, five parents led their children to play on the excavator, and even one adult was so eager to try. Staff said that during the holiday, many children came to the square to play with children's excavators, most of them boys. The author found that not only Haiqin square, but also the children's Excavator project in a large supermarket on Shandong road was also popular, "5 yuan for 3 minutes, and many parents had to queue up for their children." One worker 5 The angle system adopts double acting servo cylinder and is fixed on the vertical host base The double acting servo cylinder, angle plate, ball club and support seat constitute the angle system According to the samples of different sizes, the length of the spherical rod can be changed to meet the experimental requirements of different specimen thicknesses, the researcher said

with the popularity of "children's excavators", many friends joked: are children's excavators also produced by Lanxiang technical school? The author found that most of these children's excavators were produced by a toy company in Luoyang Road, Shibei District, Qingdao. The author then contacted manager Wang of the company. He said that at present, children's amusement excavators in Qingdao are mainly used in parks, amusement parks, shopping malls, experience halls, science and technology museums and other places, with considerable sales

"the cheapest children's excavator is about onethousand, and the slightly better one is about fourthousand." According to manager Wang, "don't underestimate these children's excavators. In fact, the structure is similar to that of heavy excavators. Generally, the motor is used as the power to drive the hydraulic pump to work. Through the control unit, the pressure is distributed to a single hydraulic cylinder, which is roughly the same as the principle of Engineering excavators." Manager Wang told the author

in addition to friends' ridicule of "excavator" and "Lanxiang", many friends also asked why "Lanxiang" was always injured? Liu Tao, a teacher of the Chinese and western language and culture research center of the China University of Petroleum (East China), has been observing this phenomenon. He said, "unlike 'Sister Feng' and 'sister Furong', which have obvious hot spots, Lanxiang technical school certainly does not want to over expose when it is negative, so it is very unlikely that Lanxiang technical school will take the opportunity to hype." Liu Tao believes that many people still discriminate against Lanxiang technical school. In fact, senior technicians are in short supply in society and have a large number of social needs. The practice of Lanxiang technical school in cultivating technical talents is worthy of recognition

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