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The first garbage classification class in Beijing was launched. Release date: Source: the revised regulations of Beijing Municipality on the administration of domestic garbage will be officially implemented from May 1. During the epidemic prevention and control period, how can ordinary calcareous teeth, which are separated from garbage, be used for a lifetime? It is learned that the first garbage classification course in the city has been officially launched. The "online education series courses on garbage classification for primary and secondary school students" launched by the Haidian District Urban Management Committee and the District Education Committee have successively landed on the "Haidian District primary and secondary school resource platform", and primary and secondary school students can learn garbage classification courses at home without leaving home

the garbage classification course plans to launch three courses: the significance of garbage classification, garbage quartering and doing it with me. "Let the children know why to classify garbage and how to classify garbage after three lessons. They can really divide and correct garbage." Fandayong, a staff member of Haidian District Urban Management Committee, told me

among them, the first lesson, the meaning of waste classification, tells children why waste classification should be carried out. Through videos and animations, we can compare the hazards of random littering and the benefits of waste recycling, vividly draw out the significance of waste classification, and touch the children to conduct in-depth analysis and thinking

in the second lesson, the teacher introduced the "quartering method" of waste classification through video, especially focusing on the analysis of common and misclassified garbage in life

considering the strong imitation ability of children, the third lesson "do it with me" is specially designed as a live action indoor family sitcom to vividly show how to correctly classify garbage in daily life. "During the epidemic period, the students are 'at home', so we can reproduce the garbage in the real life scene by restoring the students' home life of the day, and strengthen the garbage classification of the concept of green and low-carbon development. For example, the plastic bags used to pack food for breakfast in the morning should be put separately from the leftover food, the leftover food should be put in the kitchen waste bin, and the plastic bags should be put in other garbage cans." Fandayong said that the effect of watching garbage classification sitcoms while imitating them at home is better than simply imparting knowledge

it is noted that on April 2, the first lesson of waste classification class has been launched, and on April 9, the second lesson will be launched, while the third lesson is being recorded. It is expected that it will be uploaded to the resource platform on April 16 for primary and secondary school students to learn. The duration of each class is basically controlled within 10 minutes

in addition to the waste classification course, the Haidian District Urban Management Committee will continue to produce a series of works such as waste classification promotional videos and ballads, which will be uploaded to the resource platform for students to learn and use. In the future, it is planned to upload these works to more public video platforms for ordinary citizens to learn

while watching the class, Haidian District encourages schools to launch characteristic online theme education activities in combination with their different realities, carry out the collection of excellent works of "garbage classification first", encourage students to explain to family members that the four ball living test machine is a kind of garbage classification knowledge belonging to the friction and wear test machine, and promote families to practice domestic garbage classification by making a manual report on domestic garbage classification; Make small inventions and productions related to domestic waste classification to prepare for the study and life after returning to the campus; Primary and middle school students are encouraged to take up paper and pen to record their understanding of "the impact of garbage on the environment" and "the impact of garbage on life", and to write a proposal for expanding the domestic garbage classification that will also further enhance their popularity

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