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The severe economic environment has restrained the trend of steel price

in the past two years, steel traders have been under the pressure of price inversion. The repeated pledge in the steel trade circle has led to the breaking of the capital chain and the trend of running away is nothing new. Steel trade initially rose from Shanghai, and the steel market gradually increased in Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou a few years ago. Most of the steel traders are from Fujian. At present, many steel markets have lost their beauty, and the inventory of goods stored in the warehouse has also been reduced. Gantry cranes in some steel markets have stopped, and the stacked wires and rebar are rusty

30 years east of the river, 30 years west of the river. The iron man of the past will also be down now. In terms of price, rebar can be up to 5000 yuan/ton, and dare to be down to 3000 yuan/ton. Insiders pointed out that the spot rebar price fell to about 3600 yuan/ton, and there is still no sign of stopping the decline in the futures market. Under the background of economic depression, poor demand for steel and tight capital, the survival situation of steel traders is becoming less and less optimistic. In the future, there will be a break in the capital chain of steel traders, and the risk will affect banks and financial institutions more and more likely

from the perspective of the overall environment, the feast of the steel industry has ended. According to the China Iron and Steel Industry Association, although the national iron and steel industry had a profit of 1.6 billion yuan in 2012, there was at least a loss of more than 10 billion yuan after deducting investment income and less depreciation. According to the annual report of listed steel companies, steel enterprises with losses of more than 3billion yuan last year include * ST Angang, Valin steel and other large enterprises

in the first quarter of this year, although the whole industry had a profit of nearly 2.5 billion yuan, the profit margin fell to 0.9%. It should be said that this is basically negligible for industries with 4.3 trillion yuan of assets. In March, the loss of the industry reached 35%, and there was a tendency to expand month by month

microscopically, steel traders had better business before 2010. Since 2012, the steel trade business has been difficult to do, and the risks of steel trade in some places have begun to emerge. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 150 steel trade logistics enterprises, more than 20000 registered steel trade enterprises, nearly 100000 employees, and a total credit scale of more than 60billion yuan in Jiangsu, including nearly 30billion yuan in Wuxi and about 20billion yuan in Suzhou. Around April last year, a number of steel traders' runaway incidents were filed in Wuxi, involving amounts ranging from 400000 yuan to 100 million yuan

the outbreak of steel trading cases has made local banks highly vigilant to the steel trading industry. Now generally do not give loans, unless regular customers have good collateral, and it is good not to take out loans, let alone incremental loans. A local banker in Wuxi said that the bank takes the money of shareholders and depositors to lend, and the bank is the carrier of steel trade risk

since the beginning of June, due to the growth rate of foreign exchange, the Ministry of industry and information technology will focus on the slowdown of key links in aviation aluminum research and development, production and utilization, the tightening of bond market supervision, the mid year examination of banks and other factors, the liquidity of the banking system has been tight, and the capital interest rate has soared

for the steel and iron industry by the end of 2017, the shortage of funds in the banking system will make it more difficult for loans that were previously restricted by the system of taking root in automobile OEMs and parts factories, and the shortage of funds will also inhibit the trend of steel prices

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