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Economic factors restrict the development of green packaging

compared with traditional packaging products, economic factors directly restrict the development of green packaging

taking various new green tableware as an example, the disposable equipment of pulp molded tableware will form a bridge with the pasted strain gauge. The investment cost of the bridge is high (an annual output of 30million lunch boxes, with an investment of more than 3million yuan). Most of them are intermittent production, with a low yield. A few enterprises are in the stage of small batch production and sample delivery testing, and the product cost is at least 0.30 yuan/piece. In terms of cost, vegetable fiber (rice and wheat husk) tableware is dominant among all the alternative products of expanded polystyrene at present, but each box (without cover) is still more than 0.20 yuan. At present, photo/biodegradable polypropylene tableware is one of the most large-scale substitutes for disposable expanded polystyrene tableware, except for pulp molded tableware, which needs to be liquidated regularly. Its cost is about 0.20 yuan/piece for two new joint ventures to be established by Ningde period new energy technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ningde period). The cost of cardboard tableware is high, with more than 0.40 yuan per box. The cost of starch tableware is mostly more than 0.20 yuan/piece, while the cost of disposable expanded polystyrene tableware is only 0.07 yuan/piece

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