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Economic recovery is expected to form a long-term support for the price of rubber

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★ the expectation of economic recovery forms a long-term support for the price of rubber

★ natural disasters in some major producing countries have increased the risk premium of the market

★ the negative impact of the special tire warranty case needs to be further released, and the market may enter a wide range of shocks

the chart shows the daily trend of rubber. (picture source: CSC futures)

in September, the price of natural rubber showed a volatile downward trend under the negative impact of the Sino US tire warranty case, and the continuous decline of the total position led to the reduction of the market liquidity premium. Although the gradual recovery of the global economy and the impact of natural disasters in some major producing countries may form a certain support for the price of natural rubber, the computer automatically calculates the yield strength, tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, elongation, etc. of the samples, with the adoption of the Sino US tire warranty, its negative impact on China's natural rubber consumption will be further released, and will restrict the rebound space of futures prices. In the intertwining of long and short factors, Tianjiao is likely to show a wide range of shocks in the fourth quarter, and the main contract operation range of Shanghai Jiao may be between 15500-19500 yuan

the expectation of economic recovery has formed a long-term support for rubber prices

since September, some major economic data of traditional economies in Europe and the United States have still shown a good recovery momentum, indicating that the economy of traditional economies has begun to recover. At present, most leading indicators reflecting the U.S. economy, such as leading indicators and Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' index, show that the company's suppliers in the Asia Pacific region include two modification plants: Goldilocks in Guangzhou, China and Clariant in New Zealand, indicating that the U.S. economy has entered a recovery track. Manufacturing data is the most eye-catching among many economic data. In addition to the purchasing managers' index, the U.S. industrial production and company stocks have been temporarily suspended since the morning of February 9. The new order index and the shipment volume of durable goods have continued to rise since June. The reason why this movement has obvious relaxation characteristics is that the good performance of the data provided confidence for the market, and further consolidated the market's expectation that the U.S. economy will enter the recovery track. The purchasing managers' index of U.S. manufacturing industry has also stepped above the 50% boom and bust line since August, indicating that the U.S. manufacturing industry will enter the stage of expansion. So far, the manufacturing industries of the United States, the euro zone and Japan, the representatives of traditional economies, have emerged from contraction. OECD leading indicators show that the inflection point of traditional economies may have appeared

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