Construction method of fixed small welding rail of

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K920 welding machine fixed small welding rail construction method (Part 2)

Table 1 allowable geometric deviation of welding joint mm

(8) after the welding acceptance of long steel rail storage, use multiple gantry cranes to hoist it onto the long steel rail storage platform. Long steel rails shall be operated according to the following regulations during storage: ① indicate the rail number and length of long steel rails, and stack them by classification; ② Each layer of stacking long rails adopts rail pads with a spacing of 5 m. each rail pad is aligned up and down and placed vertically with each layer of rails; ③ When lifting the rail, it shall be lifted and lowered slowly, and it is strictly forbidden to fall and collide. During lifting, the pendulum shaft shall be kept too dirty or the rusted long rail shall be stable

4 allocation of main equipment and tools (Table 2)

5 Labor Organization (Table 3) table 3 personnel organization during welding process

process content short rail hoisting and storage, rail end straightening, rail end rust removal, brush surface, rail push welding rail after welding, welding head normalizing, welding head rough grinding, welding head fine grinding, long rail lifting and loading flaw detection and appearance detection

6 quality requirements

(1) number of type inspection operators before welding 3 (including 1 technician) 2432128 (including 1 commander) 2 (also in charge of technical data) a total of 30 people

in order to ensure the arguable welding quality of the rail, before the formal welding, first adjust the welding process parameters of the welding machine, weld the welding head under the appropriate process parameters for type inspection, and then carry out large-scale welding after passing the type inspection. The type inspection is completed in accordance with the provisions of technical conditions for rail welded joints, electrolytic aluminum market price is relatively stable (tb/t1632), and its inspection items include 10 indicators, namely, drop weight, static bending, fatigue, metallography, hardness, appearance, fracture, flaw detection, tensile and impact toughness. Any one of them is unqualified and needs to be re commissioned

(2) welding process control

after passing the type inspection, formal welding shall be carried out according to the welding parameters, which shall not be changed. The whole process of each welding head shall be monitored by computer and automatically identified and judged. If it is unqualified, it shall be sawn and re welded. Normalize each welding head after welding, so as to improve its structural organization and enhance its comprehensive mechanical properties. Finally, flaw detection and appearance inspection must be carried out, and it can be put on line only after passing the inspection. After 500 welding heads are welded, periodic production inspection shall be carried out as required

7 construction safety precautions

in the process of rail welding, in addition to abiding by the safety rules of the machine itself, the following matters should be paid attention to: (1) in the process of rail pushing, the speed should not be too fast, so as to damage the raceway or overturn the rail to hurt people; (2) During welding, personnel should avoid splashing sparks and be protected; (3) Smoking is prohibited in the normalizing area to prevent oxygen and acetylene leakage and explosion; (4) When hoisting the long rail, the gantry shall be hoisted evenly, and the long rail has always been on the same level in the past few weeks. In order to prevent the failure of a gantry crane, a main emergency switch must be set

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