Construction method of the hottest colored sand co

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Construction method of colored sand coating

base course "DSM's advanced materials have helped us achieve excellent sales deeds. Treatment: first, remove the dust and other adhesion on the surface of the base course. Knock off or polish the convex part; dry the empty part after knocking it off. Fill the dislocation part of the joint and the large depression with polymer cement mortar; remove the steel that hinders spraying and fill the holes with mortar; remove the laitance and loose and powdered parts on the surface with a shovel and wire brush. Clear Remove the release agent and oil stain on the surface; Repair pitted surfaces, holes, cracks, etc. on the surface with cement putty

brush the wall with zinc sulfate solution or dilute hydrochloric acid solution when it is frosting, and then wash it with clean water. The wood wool shall be sand leveled on the essential base course. The original coating of the base course should be treated differently according to different situations: the loose, shelled and brittle old coating should be removed; The old coating with firm adhesion shall be roughened with sandpaper; All water-resistant coatings shall be removed

brush primer: stir the primer evenly. If the coating is thick, dilute it according to the requirements of the product manual. The two-component primer shall be prepared by adding curing agent and diluent in strict accordance with the specified proportion, fully stirred and placed for the specified time. Brush evenly with a roller brush or a brush. Be careful not to miss the brush or brush too thick

spray the main paint: after mixing the main paint evenly, put it into a special spray gun, start the air compressor to control the spraying pressure at 0.4-0.7mpa (kg/cm2), turn on the spray gun, and spray it evenly along the horizontal and vertical directions. The distance between the spray gun and the wall is about 30 - suitable for most plastic raw materials of 40cm. During spraying, keep the spray gun vertical to the scene

protective finish: the material with ceramic composite core technology has a significant slippery appearance and improves the durability. In addition, the dense coating structure can play a superior anti pollution performance

after looking at the construction process of pottery colored sand paint above, then look at the precautions for the construction of pottery colored sand paint below

1. In order to ensure the integrity of the coating, the primer and main coating should give priority to the use of supporting products; When the manufacturer only provides the main coating, the primer should use the product recommended by the main coating manufacturer (3) cooling effect

2. Construction should be avoided under the environmental conditions of temperature lower than 5C and relative humidity lower than 85%. It is also not allowed to construct in windy weather, so as to prevent the coating material from drying too fast and cracking, which should be paid attention to

3. When the primer is a two-component coating, it should be prepared in strict accordance with the provisions of the product instructions, and the amount of ingredients should not be too much each time, so as to avoid waste caused by the curing failure of the coating. The primer shall be diluted with special thinner or brand recommended by the manufacturer

4. Due to the long drying time of the coating, pay attention to the weather forecast. Make construction arrangements to avoid construction before rain and snow

5. After the coating is dry, it shall not be soaked for a long time before handover to avoid quality accidents

6. The brushing tools should be cleaned in time and kept properly after use

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