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The whole process of waste cleaning and stacking in large secondary plants is automated without manual work

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Foshan permanent paper products Co., Ltd. has been established for more than 30 years, and is one of the powerful enterprises in the local industry. Its production workshop, BHS tile line, Taixing printing machine, Tangcheng nail paste box machine, German steel paste box machine, Shengyi automatic stacking system and other production equipment are all available, and its automation level and management ability are amazing

at its carton production site, two small devices attracted the author's attention. After the printing and slotting process, the corrugated cardboard is first removed and shunted by the double axis double control vibrating waste remover, and then counted and stamped by the high-speed automatic counting and stacking rack. The whole process needs no manual work and is completed at one go. The waste removal effect reaches more than 98%, and the cardboard is stacked neatly

these two types of equipment were developed and manufactured by Guangzhou Hengli packaging equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengli), which completed the project of 72 National Standards for intelligent manufacturing. When I visited other regions in China, I found that many large paper packaging enterprises have also installed Hengli vibration waste remover + counting paper stacking rack in the back end of printing, and the production effect is very ideal

concussion waste remover with a waste removal effect of more than 98%

it is understood that the concussion waste remover developed and manufactured by Guangzhou Hengli is mainly composed of paper receiving parts, waste removal system, shaking belt, shaft, side wall and other parts. Compared with the ordinary concussion machine, this high-speed concussion machine in the video has been upgraded at the side wall, shape and rear paper outlet of the machine, so as to realize high-speed waste cleaning and transportation with the high-speed counting and stacking rack

under the condition that the die cutting completely cuts off the waste, the waste removal efficiency of the high-speed vibrator reaches more than 98%. With high-speed running speed, stable transportation and efficient waste cleaning effect, this waste cleaning machine helps carton factories further improve production efficiency and is selected by more and more large carton factories

on the whole, the paper receiving part of the Hengli high-speed vibrating waste remover is equipped with a pressure strip and a medium pressure fan, which can make the paperboard enter the main drive shaft smoothly and smoothly. The main drive shaft is driven by an independent variable-frequency motor, which is convenient to adjust the shaking belt according to the actual size of the paperboard, so as to ensure the smooth passage of the special-shaped paperboard and avoid damage to the paperboard

the dithering belt is an imported cylindrical high elastic belt, which is not easy to aging and is not easy to damage the cardboard under high-speed dithering; The belt shaft is a cylindrical belt shaft with a semicircular groove. The back pressure drop on the left is not only simple and easy to use, but also can realize the separation of paperboard with one opening, two opening and three opening, which avoids the situation that the traditional paperboard die cutting needs to be separated manually, and can also clean up the waste on the paperboard

for the dithering mechanism, the constant excitation also adopts the method of independent variable-frequency motor control, so that the two dithering axes use different dithering points to achieve different dithering frequencies and different dithering amplitudes, so that the cardboard can be in a highly efficient dithering state when passing through the waste remover, and the waste removal effect can be quickly improved

in the shape of the machine, the side wall of the high-speed concussion waste remover is thickened by 10mm on the basis of the ordinary model; Visual sliding door is added at the operator; It can realize the stable and high-speed transportation with the high-speed counting and stacking rack, and prevent the splashing of paper scraps, which is more stable and safer

on the most important waste removal system, Hengli has set up a medium pressure fan at its front end, which is not only conducive to the removal of waste, but also allows the cardboard to be transported smoothly close to the belt; The back end is equipped with a round ventilation fan and a brush, which makes the shaking cardboard scraps easier to fall. Together with the waste paper conveyor belt at the lower part of the waste remover, it is directly transported to the waste paper conveyor at the back end of the printing machine. At the same time, the rear end is also equipped with an upper air suction device to change the paper outlet angle of the paperboard, so that the paperboard can fall smoothly, which can be transported smoothly over the overlapping joint, and better adapt to the high-speed transportation speed

the counting accuracy of counting paper stacking racks reaches 99%

in order to meet the development trend of intelligent and high-speed printing machines, Hengli also developed and manufactured high-speed counting paper stacking racks to help carton packaging enterprises solve the problem of high-speed counting and stacking. As shown in the video, Foshan permanent paper industry, which the author visited, is equipped with Hengli high-speed counting paper stacking rack, which was launched in 2018 and finalized and matured in 2020. At present, people in China need to confirm that the industrial trend of plastic product design is gradually moving towards the design optimization under the platform of high integration and multi-function mode. The cost of simulation engineering related to it has risen sharply, and the industry is gradually moving towards intellectualization. Compared with the ordinary point stacking rack, Hengli high-speed point stacking rack has the advantages of high speed, accuracy and intelligence, and the demand in the market has been rising

the main structure and lifting mode of the high-speed counting paper stacking rack are the same as those of ordinary models. A complete set of hydraulic lifting system is used to improve safety, and the balance shaft is used to solve the problem of stability; Aluminum is used as raw material to reduce the weight of the paper stacking rack and make it more flexible in the process of use. However, compared with the ordinary counting paper stacking rack, the Hengli high-speed counting paper stacking rack is equipped with a medium pressure fan on the front paper receiving arm, and the lower suction supporting perforated conveying belt is adopted under the conveying platform. These structural improvements make the paperboard still run smoothly at high speed

the counting system is upgraded from the former PLC and photoelectric composition to the front, middle and rear three-stage servo and photoelectric switch. Through the precise control of counting points of the three-stage servo, it can achieve accurate counting while high-speed transmission, and the counting accuracy can reach 99%

in normal operation, the high-speed counting and stacking rack can realize the speed of counting/250 sheets per minute, and flexibly adapt to the production needs of left and right the first mock examination two, the first mock examination three, front and rear left and right the first mock examination four, the first mock examination six. At the same time, the carton can be set to count and stamp automatically according to any data in the sheet without stopping the machine. The counting is accurate and the operation is convenient

since 2008, Hengli has always adhered to innovation, constantly improved its products in the actual needs of customers, and become the industry's leading manufacturer of waste cleaning machines and paper stacking racks. In their view, only by fully combining production experience with forward-looking design, innovative research and development and on-the-spot exploration can we produce products that meet the needs of customers

its vibrating waste remover and counting paper stacking rack are both developed and manufactured based on this concept. With other carton equipment, the production effect is quite impressive. In many large carton factories, the combination of full-automatic paper feeder + printing slotting die-cutting linkage line + double axis double control vibration waste remover + high-speed counting paper stacking rack + full-automatic packer makes the whole carton printing process only need a few people to operate

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