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Construction and application of OA system in power enterprises

Abstract: information technology is triggering a new revolution in power enterprises across the country. As an important part of this revolution, the construction of office automation plays an increasingly significant role. Through the analysis and elaboration of the connotation and significance of office automation in modern power enterprises, what is the material yield strength, work content and construction steps, this paper summarizes the problems existing in the promotion and application of office automation and puts forward corresponding countermeasures, in order to promote the construction and promotion of OA system in power enterprises

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I. the meaning of modern enterprise OA

OA (office automation) is office automation. It is a comprehensive man-machine information system supported by modern science and technology such as computer science, information science, geospatial Science, management science, behavior science and network communication technology, and aimed at improving the level of comprehensive business management and assisting decision-making. Office automation in power enterprises refers to the application of advanced technologies and equipment such as computer technology, communication technology, information technology and soft science, which is the pillar industry of China's national economy, to various office activities of all kinds of office workers in power enterprises. This is the opportunity to trial produce wind chimes, so as to realize the scientific and automated paperless office and office activities, and maximize the improvement of work quality, work efficiency and working environment

II. The significance of OA construction in power enterprises

after China's entry into WTO, the State Council approved the implementation of the power system reform plan, and power enterprises at all levels are facing new challenges. Whether power generation enterprises, power supply enterprises, or power operation and management enterprises, they will gradually become independent market entities and independent legal entities with certain competitiveness in the new enterprise reform. The focus of the enterprise's work has changed from the original single North China coke market price reduction of 20 (3) 0-1 safety production to an all-round comprehensive development centered on economic benefits. Therefore, power enterprises need to establish a standardized modern enterprise system, reduce personnel and increase efficiency, improve labor productivity, improve management level, strengthen information feedback, improve the scientificity and accuracy of decision-making, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. The effective application of electronic information technology is the shortcut to achieve all this. The construction and application of OA system has become an important means for modern power enterprises to improve office efficiency and management decision-making level

III. work content of OA system construction in power enterprises

1. Establish an internal communication platform and an internal e-mail system in power enterprises, so as to make the internal communication and information exchange of the organization fast and smooth, and communicate with Internet e-mail

2. Establish an information release platform to provide an effective place for information release and exchange of power enterprises, such as electronic announcements, electronic forums, electronic publications, so that internal rules and regulations, briefings, technical exchanges, announcements, etc. can be widely disseminated among employees, so that employees can timely understand the development trends of the unit

3. Realize the automation of workflow, which involves the real-time monitoring and tracking of the circulation process, and solve the problem of collaborative work between multiple posts and departments. Every enterprise has a lot of process work, such as document processing, document receiving and sending, various approvals, instructions, reports, etc., which are all process work. By automating the workflow, we can standardize all work and improve the efficiency of enterprise collaborative work

4. Realize the automation of document management, so that all kinds of documents (including all kinds of files, knowledge and information) can be saved and shared according to permissions, and it is very convenient to find and use. Every enterprise will have a large number of documents. In the case of manual office, these documents are stored in everyone's file cabinet. It is very difficult to save, share, use and reuse documents, and the retrieval of documents is more complicated. Office automation makes all kinds of documents electronic, and realizes the storage of documents in the form of electronic filing cabinets, which can be used and shared according to permissions. After realizing office automation, for example, any employee can browse the accumulated things, rules and regulations, various technical documents, etc. of this unit as long as he registers an identity file and obtains a password and permission, which reduces a lot of training links

5. Auxiliary Office, including conference management, vehicle management, goods management, library management and other auxiliary offices combined with daily office work

6. Information integration. The existing MIS, ERP, financial computerization and other information systems in power enterprises store some business data of enterprise management, which plays a key role in the operation of enterprises, but they are relatively independent and static; OA system has the function of data interface, which can integrate the original business system data of the enterprise into the workflow system, so that enterprise employees can effectively obtain and process information, and improve the overall reaction speed and decision-making ability of the enterprise

7. Realize distributed office, and the office area is more and more widely distributed. Mobile office and cross regional office have become urgent needs. The OA system of power enterprises supports multi branch, cross regional office mode and mobile office

IV. the construction of modern power enterprise OA

the construction of power OA system is a systematic project, which involves not only technical fields such as network information and database, but also complex factors such as management science, management system and management concept. It must be implemented step by step in strict accordance with the specifications of information engineering. From our work experience, the construction process can be divided into:

1. The planning, design and project approval stage of OA system, including the background of office information system construction, the current situation of office information system construction of the construction team (existing foundation and existing problems), the objectives and guiding principles of office automation system construction, the tasks of system construction, and the measures to complete the construction tasks The process arrangement plan and investment budget of system construction are systematically analyzed to form a complete plan, and on this basis, the construction tasks are reasonably decomposed to complete the project approval of each sub project

2. In the development stage of OA system, it is necessary to formulate the index system, database structure and Safety specifications of the system and complete the system design, development and integration on the basis of careful demand investigation and analysis. At the same time, the network of office information system and computer equipment platform should be built to complete the sorting, processing and warehousing of basic data resources

3. Promotion of OA system

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