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Construction case of Hummer HD o120v large oscillating roller

hdc120v: a new choice for big contractors in Ohio

Zanesville based shelly&sands in Ohio uses a new hdo120v and the original hdo90v to quickly complete the compaction of the pavement and reduce the cost. At the end of summer 2005, the company had two hdo90v, one hdo120v and four HD7 Cast iron platform: for 120hv fire door and three hd110vhv rollers. In July of the same year, on the basis of having two 1110wb and one 1110rtb Vogler pavers, the company purchased a 2219w paver from Vogler USA. In addition, shelly&sands also has a wittgen 1900dc cold milling machine

these devices were purchased from McLean, an agent of wittgen company in Ohio. "It's a pleasure to cooperate with this company, and we can get technical information and accessory services in time," said steveschlosser, head of equipment. "In contrast, other agents will be slower."

shelly&sands used a large number of Hamm products as early as three years ago. "We have a lot of Hamm products because they have sophisticated equipment," Schlosser said. "Compared with other brands of rollers, our staff like to use Hamm products. It's time to update the old equipment that can't meet the quality control. Hamm helped us."

1. Advantages over vibratory rollers

"vibratory rollers leave people a good impression and have some advantages," said edmorrison, quality control manager of shelly&sands. "However, for some difficult mixtures, such as airports and super pavements, the oscillating roller performs very well. We will also use it to compact SMA materials at the end of this summer. Whenever we encounter an intermediate layer or surface layer that is difficult to compact, using Hamm oscillating roller can achieve good compaction effect." There are several reasons, he said. "One is that the compaction time is longer," Morrison said. "The vibratory roller adapts to a lower compaction temperature and will not crush the aggregate like the vibratory roller. This' kneading 'compaction method can be carried out at a lower temperature, so the compaction time is longer."

oscillating compaction exerts a horizontal shear force on the hot asphalt mixture, and the steel wheel never leaves the compacted material, rather than compacting the material in a top-down mode

unlike the traditional vibratory roller, which obtains the degree of compaction by bouncing the steel wheel on the ground, the oscillation technology ensures that the steel wheel is always in contact with the compacted material, ensuring faster and more effective compaction. In the oscillating steel wheels of hdo90v and hdo70v, two eccentric blocks rotate in the same direction, so a torque is generated on the steel axle; There are four eccentric blocks in the oscillating drum of hdo120v. Every rotation, the torque changes the direction of action once, which causes the horizontal oscillation of the steel wheel, and the horizontal force is transmitted from the steel wheel to the road surface. In this way, a better compaction effect can be obtained with less compaction times, and the vibration impact on the driver and the surrounding environment can be greatly reduced. When compacting the middle layer of a section of road in West Virginia, using other brands of vibratory rollers only achieved 92% compactness (the minimum compactness is required to be 91.5%), while using Hummer oscillating rollers, the compactness reached 94% at the material temperature of 54.4 ℃

"the oscillating roller has great advantages in meeting the requirements of minimum compactness, which can not only meet the work needs, but also be excellent." Morrison said. "If the traditional roller is used, when the compactness reaches a critical value and the temperature of the material is lower than a certain temperature, the aggregate will be destroyed if the compaction is continued. In this regard, the oscillating roller is better." In addition to the ideal compactness of the asphalt layer at the best temperature, the oscillating roller of shelly&sands can also solve the problem of pavement flatness. "Oscillating rollers can also help us achieve good road roughness," Morrison said. "Nowadays, the hardening speed of new asphalt mixture is greatly accelerated, and the possession of Hamm oscillating roller improves our probability of successfully compacting the mixture and obtaining the ideal flatness."

2. Compacting HMA (hot mix asphalt mixture) at low temperature

fundamentally speaking, for asphalt production, oscillation technology helps to save fuel and reduce costs. Because the oscillating roller can efficiently compact the asphalt mixture at a much lower material temperature, it is possible to produce hot mix asphalt mixture at a lower temperature, reducing energy consumption, especially for large asphalt mixing plants, which greatly reduces the energy cost

"if the discharge temperature decreases by -12.2 ~ -9.4 ℃, the money saved after one year can buy an oscillating roller," said scottmclean, sales manager of McLean's Columbus division. "The discharge temperature of the mixture does not need to reach 174 ℃, but can be reduced to 163 ℃, and the temperature of the material discharged to the paver can be 143 ℃. At this time, the required compactness can still be obtained by using the oscillating roller."

3. Relevant data

● the first oscillating roller in Ohio

shelly&sands company took the lead in purchasing the first oscillating roller in Ohio - hdo90v. "We began to try to use it to compact the base material on a construction site, and the effect was not very significant," Schlosser said. "After that, we moved the equipment to another thorny construction site and saw the rapid increase in compaction. So we decided to rent an oscillating roller and bought the equipment at the end of the season."

With more and more packaging waste, shelly&sands company profile

shelly&sands company is not only engaged in asphalt pavement construction, but also an affiliated enterprise of new technologies, such as their Mar Zane material division, and their asphalt mixing plant has also won the National Environmental Protection Award

When shelly&sands was founded in 1944, it was a small paving construction team composed of only six people, working in Dresden Town, Ohio. Today, shelly&sands serves eight important markets in four major states, paving more roads in Ohio than any other company

in 1946, muskingumrivergrade, the first aggregate processing plant, was purchased for $45000. Now, there are five large storage sites along the river

mar Zane material production base. Mar Zan is the abbreviation of Marietta Zanesville. It has 28 mixing stations and produces 3million tons of hot mix asphalt per lift every year, knocking out three theft and criminal gangs

● hdo120v

13T hdo120v is a new product at CONEXPO con/agg2005 in the United States. After the successful application of hdo90v oscillating roller in 2003, it further meets the needs of users for larger tonnage rollers

hdo120v is the largest asphalt roller in North America with unique Hamm oscillation technology. This 78 inch wide double drum roller has an operating weight of 26345 pounds. The rear wheel oscillates, and the front wheel adopts traditional vibration. The vibration frequency of the rear wheel is 2160 ~ 2520rpm, and the vibration frequency of the front wheel is 2520 ~ 3000rpm

hdo120v is a product specially developed by Hamm company for the North American market, because users here need a vibratory roller with a larger tonnage than hdo90v when hearing the product name. The 2m working width of the machine requires a redesign of the oscillating steel wheel. Therefore, hdo120v applies four steel wheels instead of two eccentric blocks for the first time

in addition, this new device also has many advantages of the proven hd120hv, such as the best panoramic view, simple operation, best control performance, and easy to maintain articulated steering system

Hummer oscillating roller was constructed at JFK Airport in New York at night.

Hummer hdo120v large oscillating roller completed the main compaction work at New York's nnedy international airport earlier this year

JFK is one of the airports with the largest passenger flow in the world and the busiest international airport in the United States. In 2004, there were 37.5 million passengers, of which 17.4 million were international passengers. The airport is now undergoing reconstruction and expansion projects, and the runway has been upgraded to adapt to the takeoff and landing of the super jumbo jet A380. This Airbus can accommodate 550 ~ 800 passengers, making it the largest commercial airliner in history

in the summer of 2005, in the environment of all night construction, Hamm roller compacted the airport runway of A380, and the contractor intercountry paved the port authority II mixture with a total thickness of 12 ~ 14 inches. The oscillating roller compacts the pavement to 98% compactness, said rickloret, the Contractor's head. As early as 2005, intercountry company completed 300000 tons of super pavement paving on highways and used hdo120v, so loret has relevant application experience

"the construction effect of this machine is very good," loret said. "Vibration can alleviate the unevenness of the road surface, but oscillation can completely eliminate the unevenness of the road surface. I appreciate the oscillation technology very much. It can quickly improve the compactness of materials, and it can also achieve a good compaction effect when attached to the highway crash barrier."

the protruding bolt structure of other rollers will damage the crash barrier, while Hamm will not. "Other rollers have bolts protruding beyond the side plate, but this roller does not," loret said. From his experience, oscillation technology, as Hamm said, "the equipment is very successful in two aspects", loret said. "Oscillation can quickly improve the compaction quality. Although compaction still depends on temperature and pavement thickness, the compaction effect is much better with oscillation technology". (end)

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