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From January to March 2013, the sub industries of hardware products ranked first in terms of cumulative import and export volume as follows: construction hardware, tool hardware, daily hardware, locks, cooking utensils and others, gas appliances, shower rooms, stainless steel products and kitchen equipment, zippers and range hoods. Among them, the cumulative total import and export volume of construction hardware, tool hardware and daily hardware accounted for 42.99%, 17.51% and 12.62% of the whole industry in the first half of the year, respectively. Compared with the same period last year, the construction hardware and tool hardware industry ranked slightly. The second was the decline in accuracy grade. Turn off the universal testing machine controller and computer, and daily hardware increased slightly


the main mode of foreign trade in China's hardware industry is general trade. From January to March 2013, the import and export volume of general trade increased by 12.52% year-on-year, accounting for 73.34% of the total import and export value of the whole industry Among them, exports in general trade increased by 15.25% year-on-year, down 3.16 percentage points from the same period last year; Imports in general trade increased by 2.39% year-on-year, down 6.35 percentage points from the same period last year

since 2008, the introduction of policies to stimulate domestic demand, the acceleration of the process of new rural construction, the implementation of major projects such as post earthquake reconstruction... All these have opened a huge gap in domestic demand for China's construction hardware market, and accelerated the pace of upgrading China's construction hardware products. Relevant projects can reduce greenhouse gas emissions of more than 350 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent by 2025. Among the exhibitors who signed up for the exhibition this year, a large number of excellent and competitive construction hardware enterprises have emerged in the international market. This not only benefits from the shutdown of controllers and computers in the domestic demand market; At the same time, it shows that Chinese consumers have significantly changed their consumption habits and consumption levels

the annual China International Hardware Exhibition (CIHS) is currently the largest and most influential Hardware Exhibition in China. It is co sponsored by China Hardware Association and Cologne International Exhibition Co., Ltd. in 2009, it will be held from September 16 to 18, and will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition has a special building hardware exhibition hall. In addition to door and window hardware, the architectural hardware products in the exhibition also include: faucets, showers, toilet accessories, toilet accessories, valves, pipe connectors and other plumbing hardware; Combined metal ceiling, light flexible partition, metal decorative panel and other decorative hardware; All kinds of fasteners, wires, nails, etc

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