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XCMG excavator 15 patents have been authorized

Guide: Recently, XCMG also sent good news about the excavator intellectual property work that has passed the inspection of the State Construction Quality Supervision Bureau and the test of consumers all over the country. 15 patents have been authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, including the new hydraulic excavator independent heat dissipation control system, wireless remote control hydraulic excavator teaching and reproduction system, sealing plate opening limit device Excavator adjustable cooling system, etc., the authorization of these patents

recently, the intellectual property work of XCMG excavator has received another good news. 15 patents have been authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, including the independent heat dissipation control system of the new hydraulic excavator, the teaching and reproduction system of the wireless remote control hydraulic excavator, the opening limit device of the sealing plate, the adjustable heat dissipation system of the excavator, etc. the authorization of these patents will further enhance the brand competitiveness of XCMG excavator products, 3. The success of low iron and aluminum production in the experimental work area has established confidence in other work areas and enhanced the enthusiasm of technicians for independent innovation. Based on independent research and development, the excavator company has become the resonance of the industry. It has continuously strengthened the research of core technology and the improvement and upgrading of product technology, actively applied for more than 1000% of all patents, and protected the intellectual property rights of the company. In particular, it has made active efforts in the aspect of invention patents and achieved remarkable results

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