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Accuracy and characteristics of granite flat plate

granite precision measuring tool is made of high-quality "taishanqing" natural granite through mechanical processing and manual fine grinding. Black luster, precise structure, even texture, good stability. High strength and hardness. And it has the advantages of no rust, acid and alkali resistance, no magnetization, invariable type, good wear resistance, etc. It can maintain stability under heavy load and general temperature

granite plate is a precision benchmark measuring tool made of natural stone materials. It is an ideal benchmark for the inspection of instruments, precision tools and mechanical parts. Especially for high-precision measurement, because it has the characteristic that the percentage of its plastic elongation length and the length of the original sample is called elongation or elongation thickness, the cast iron plate is dwarfed. Granite is taken from the underground high-quality rock layer. After hundreds of millions of years of natural aging, its shape is extremely stable, and there is no need to worry about deformation due to conventional temperature difference. After strict physical tests and selection, the granite has fine crystallization, hard texture, compressive strength of kg/cm2, and hardness of Mohs hardness level. It is extremely resistant to wear, acid and alkali, and has a very narrow speed regulation range. If there is high speed, there will be no low speed, or if there is low speed, there will be no high speed. High corrosion resistance, and it will never rust. As granite is a non-metallic material, it has neither magnetic reaction nor plastic deformation. Its hardness is 2-3 times higher than that of cast iron (equivalent to HRC> 51), so it has good accuracy retention. In use, even if the rock tool is knocked by heavy objects, at most a few stones will fall off, instead of destroying the accuracy due to deformation like the metal tool. It is superior to the precision measurement reference parts made of high-quality cast iron and steel, and can obtain high and stable accuracy. Such as 1000mm produced by our factory × 630mm '00' grade granite flat plate can still maintain the original accuracy after being put aside for one year

stone characteristics and advantages of granite platform:

1 No deformation, high hardness, strong wear resistance

2. Wear resistance, high temperature resistance, maintenance free

3. It is physically stable. You can operate it on the spot for one time. The texture is meticulous, the grains fall off due to impact, and the surface does not have burrs, which does not affect its plane accuracy. The granite measuring platform has simple maintenance of its working surface in use, stable material, which can ensure long-term non deformation, small linear expansion coefficient, high mechanical accuracy, rust prevention, antimagnetism and insulation

I. after long-term natural aging, the rock has uniform organizational structure, minimal linear expansion coefficient, and the internal stress is completely eliminated. The product has a certain market share and does not deform

II. Good rigidity, high hardness, strong wear resistance and small temperature deformation

III. It is not afraid of acid and alkali erosion, will not rust, does not need to be oiled, is not easy to stick to dust, and is easy to maintain and maintain, with long service life

IV. there will be no scratches, which will not be prevented by constant temperature conditions, and the accuracy of temperature measurement can be maintained at room temperature

V. It is not magnetized. It can move smoothly during measurement, without stagnation, and is not affected by humidity. The plane is well weighed. Physical properties: specific gravity kg/m3 compressive strength: kg/cm3 elastic coefficient: 1 five × 106kg/cm2 water absorption. (end)

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