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The application of Hongfeng company's automatic optical inspection equipment has achieved great results

the inspection efficiency of a single printed board component of the automatic optical inspection equipment is about 48 times higher than that of simple manual inspection, and the detection false alarm rate is reduced to 7/10000. Recently, China Aerospace Sanjiang Group Corporation (referred to as Sanjiang group) Hubei Sanjiang group Hongfeng Control Co., Ltd. (referred to as Hongfeng company) held a man-machine battle for the detection of single printed board components. The result is no suspense. The detection efficiency of single printed board components of automatic optical detection equipment is about 48 times higher than that of simple 4. Whether the tensile speed of electronic universal testing machine meets the standard, and manual detection is about 48 times higher, The false positive rate of detection is reduced to 7/10000

for this result, the happiest one is the electrical assembly inspectors, who are free from the high-intensity PCB group inspection and devote more energy to the inspection of the product assembly process

it is understood that the research on the application of automatic optical detection equipment is a common process research project of Sanjiang group undertaken by Hongfeng company. In order to overcome this problem, Hongfeng company actively carries out design optimization and process optimization; Simulation and verification tests should be sufficient, and reliability tests should be sufficient; The quality problem technology should be completely zeroed, and the quality problem management should be completely zeroed; The four two activities that should simplify the work form and workflow should highlight technological innovation, pursue high efficiency and quality, achieve the best cost and benefit, and create value through intelligent manufacturing

four new applications, double improvement of efficiency and quality

the application of new equipment, new materials, new processes and new technologies is the basis of innovation, and it is also the protagonist of the four two of Hongfeng company

new equipment enters the model line, and the application of new technology is the key to whether the equipment can play its role to the greatest extent. Reasonable process setting and parameter setting seem simple, but they are endless. Technologists Tu Guangming and Zeng Mengxue studied and verified the application of the newly purchased cable tester. Through hundreds of experiments and debugging, they finally realized the use of the cable tester to automatically check the conduction, insulation resistance and insulation strength of single cables, and the detection efficiency was more than 30 times higher than that of manual work

traditional cable making materials, such as aviation rubber tube, cotton thread, PTFE film, paper label, etc., have heavy appearance, poor assembly consistency and low long-term reliability. Technician Li Kai investigated the manufacturing materials of military cables at home and abroad. Through comparative tests, aerospace grade new ties were used to replace cotton threads; Replace aviation rubber tube (plate) and polytetrafluoroethylene film with double-layer heat shrinkable tube with high shrinkage ratio, oil proof soft rubber heat shrinkable tube and high-temperature silicone self-adhesive tape; Replace paper labels with heat transfer labels. What about the application of these new materials? This involves national industrial policies and entrepreneurs' extensive domestic and foreign perspectives, which improves the assembly reliability and appearance consistency of products

in an occasional opportunity, technician Zhou Wei learned that rigid flex printed boards have the advantages of small size, light weight, unique installation, and high reliability. Through exploration, he successfully applied the flexible printed board to the tooling, and then introduced the technology to the designers, so that the rigid flex combined printed board can be used in the control stand-alone of the fast boat product. Compared with the traditional wire harness between components, the weight is reduced by about 70%, and the space can be saved by more than 60%

According to the relevant person in charge of Hongfeng company, the three modernizations design is the abbreviation of generalization, serialization and combination (modularization), which is a form of standardization. Hongfeng company comprehensively promotes the "three modernizations" design. The new design draws on and inherits the typical structure and typical lines in the original design. With the least variety and specification, the least workload and manpower, it can meet the most needs, the lowest cost, the shortest development cycle and the most reliable product quality

the temperature compensation test cycle of inertial products is long, and the test equipment is tight. Can we realize the automatic test of more than one test? Tooling Designer Zhao Wenfeng adopts bearing support at the lever fulcrum to optimize and improve on the basis of the original tooling and retain the mature design. After the improvement, the original one-time test can only be carried out for a single set of products, up to 3 sets of Imus or 12 gyroscopes can be tested at the same time, and the compatibility and versatility of installation tooling and test cables of different products and turntables are realized, which greatly relieves the test pressure of Imus

upgrading old equipment and adding software can make a difference and become a new favorite. Designers Zhang Dongqing and Li Zhengrui upgraded the single electric aging equipment, realizing the automatic power distribution, testing, recording and printing of the electric aging test of model products. The test efficiency was improved by 90% without manual control, and the increased cost of a single set of non-standard equipment was only 1/30 of the new equipment

product testing, one product, one tooling, tooling installation and data collection are very cumbersome. The tooling works independently. Can we simplify the process and synthesize one? Technologists Liu Jianglong, Zou Li and Deng Shiheng, three young employees who have been employed for three years for springs that are not used for shock absorption, have designed a general tooling for inertial product data acquisition by themselves, and the new test system is compatible with a variety of existing inertial unit data output interfaces; It has the functions of massive data storage and high-speed USB communication; Double ports are reserved to provide a good platform for subsequent cloud operations. The cost of the complete test system is less than 30000 yuan, which greatly reduces the manufacturing cost compared with the outsourced chassis and boards that are prone to hundreds of thousands of yuan. At the same time, it avoids the lack of complete shielding of the core caused by the outsourced test boards, and realizes the good compatibility and scalability of the software and hardware platform

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