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Realizing the dream of green printing requires all parties to work together

green printing is a systematic social engineering, which requires not only the action of printing enterprises, but also the cooperation of relevant industries and relevant government departments to form a joint force, so as to achieve results

the main body of green printing is printing enterprises. The former General Administration of publishing once analyzed the sampling data of 6 printing enterprises including Beijing Hualian and 23 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country that still maintain the strength and demeanor of green printing textbooks at room temperature when the temperature is below 1650 ℃. The conclusion is that the environmental protection effect is obvious. The implementation of green printing effectively saves resources, reduces pollution, and provides positive energy for benefiting people's livelihood. The pace of realizing green printing of all primary and secondary school textbooks within three years from 2011 is unswerving, and green printing will expand to food, drug packaging and bill printing, which will effectively protect the health of all citizens. Therefore, printing enterprises should carry forward their achievements, improve their deficiencies, deepen the practice of green printing, and climb a new peak

another main body of green printing is the customer. Publishing houses and other customers have to change from the actual supply and demand pattern, which has brought the market ldquo; in a short time; High fever rdquo; Starting from the overall situation of low-carbon transformation and development, we will upgrade our products to green and environmental protection. First, green textbooks should be sent to enterprises with environmental labeling product certification qualifications for printing; Second, we should monitor the printing process and material delivery of printing enterprises to ensure that green textbooks are genuine. According to the requirements, green printing will expand to the field of food and drug packaging. This requires relevant product manufacturers to ensure the environmental protection and safety of major products and the green environmental protection of packaging materials. Enterprises should absorb part of the increased costs through fine management and bear another part by themselves. There must be gains if there are losses. Green environmental protection products can win the trust of consumers and enhance public praise and reputation

the implementation of green printing strategy is also important for relevant equipment manufacturers. Green printing needs to be supported by advanced equipment with low energy consumption, high efficiency and material conservation, as well as environmental friendly printing materials. In the future, green printing will lead ouyangming to a wider range, which requires relevant equipment manufacturers to adjust their product structure and walk out of a new path of transformation and development

the government departments in charge of publishing, education, environmental protection, finance and so on should break the fetters of the separation of industry supervision, unify their understanding, assume their respective responsibilities, and cooperate tacitly. It was pointed out that the administrative departments at all levels should establish a sense of problems in the development of green printing industry, which is a useful warning. Government departments should aim at the problems in development, coordinate relevant industries with alliance strategy, gather the advantages of relevant elements, realize the organic combination of politics, education, production, research, use and capital, and improve the quality and level of green printing

the ultimate beneficiary of green printing is the majority of consumers, but from the current situation, consumers pay little attention to the environmental protection and safety of printed matter. Therefore, through various forms of publicity, consumers should understand the significance of green printing and pay the same attention to the environmental protection and safety of printed materials. With the in-depth promotion of the green printing strategy, it is bound to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and win the favor of consumers. With the support of consumers, green printing will have a broad market and development prospects

as long as all parties concerned work together, it is not difficult to realize the dream of green printing

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