The world's first 3D printing car is made of carbo

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The world's first 3D printing car is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. As long as one oxygen index can pass the test, the world's first 3D printing car has finally been launched, according to the British Daily Mail. The car has only 40 parts, and it took 44 hours to build. The lowest price is 11000 pounds (about 110000 yuan)

there are only 40 parts

this electric vehicle is named "strati" (below), which is manufactured by the "local automobile company" in Phoenix, Arizona through 3D printing technology. At the six day 2014 international manufacturing technology exhibition, "strati" finally unveiled its mystery

the world's first 3D printing car was made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic

it is reported that the black body and chassis of this electric car are completely made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic through a 3D printer. However, tires, seats, steering wheels, batteries, wires, suspensions, electric motors and shielded windows are all made in conventional ways. John Rogers, CEO of the company, said, "we are the first company in the world to use 3D printing technology to manufacture cars using carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic. Seats, body, chassis, center console, hood, etc. are all 3D printed."

at the international manufacturing technology exhibition, the employees of "local automobile company" assembled the electric vehicle on the spot with parts made by 3D printing. It has only 40 parts, compared with more than 20000 traditional auto parts. "Our goal is to build a car with less than 20 parts in a completely different way," Rogers said

printing took a total of 44 hours

according to the company, printing all parts with a 3D printer took a total of 44 hours. Rogers said: "It only takes less than 40 hours for the 3D printer to print the chassis and body of the car when we adjust the speed range. The staff will then spend four days to promote the integration of various relevant resources for assembly. In the next few months, we will continue to work to reduce the time-consuming of 3D printing the body and strive to achieve less than 20 hours. We are sure to complete the printing of the whole car in the future And installation will take less than an hour. " He said that one day they want to realize such a model, that is, after paying, consumers who buy cars can wait by, make a complete and detailed work plan with their own eyes, and watch the cars they buy be quickly assembled

it is reported that the top speed of "strati" can reach 56 kilometers per hour, and it can travel 193 kilometers to 243 kilometers on a single charge, and can carry two passengers. The company hopes to sell 3D printing cars at a price of 11000 to 18000 pounds (about 110000 to 180000 yuan), which depends on the model and function selected by the buyer. Previously, the company has used similar methods to manufacture motorcycles, electric skateboards and other vehicles. Rogers hopes that this less expensive manufacturing process will accelerate the innovation of the automotive industry

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