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ACS, an auxiliary equipment manufacturer, announced its global strategy and launched new auxiliary equipment. ACS Group officials said that thanks to the decisions made in the past eight years to invest in international procurement and explore new markets, this auxiliary equipment manufacturer can better cope with the shrinking demand in North America

Thomas Breslin, President and CEO of the company, said at the press conference held by the company at its factory in New Berlin, Wisconsin (outside Milwaukee) on May 5, "the current market environment is extremely difficult."

Breslin quoted the statistical data of the American Plastics Industry Association (SPI) and said that from 2000, when the demand for machinery began to decline, to 2008, the sales of the four main auxiliary equipment categories - cooler, material handling equipment, granulator and automatic machinery - fell by 40%. He said that if the inflation factor is taken into account, the proportion is as high as 58%

last year, the sales of such auxiliary equipment decreased by 14% compared with 2007, while the sales of machines continued to decline in 2009

Breslin said, "we don't think the manufacturing industry is pulling out of the United States. We believe that high-quality and powerful manufacturing enterprises will remain in the United States and be competitive in the global market. They are our target."

most observers believe that the U.S. plastic machinery market began to collapse shortly after the NPE exhibition in 2000, that is, in the second half of the year. Today, the machinery industry has not fully recovered, and the global economic recession is still impacting it

like many other equipment suppliers, ACS announced in March that it would withdraw from NPE2009. Since then, some other companies that originally withdrew from the exhibition have decided to participate again, but Breslin said that we can't see the "return" that NPE can get at present

he said that ACS would instead invest in new products, including the three new products unveiled at this press conference. Breslin also said that ACS equipment will participate in this exhibition together with seven other companies

Breslin and other leaders of ACS described ACS as a stable company with a long-term strategy. ACS was acquired by harbour group in 1995. This industrial holding company with a revenue of US $1.2 billion (8.2 billion yuan) is located in St. Louis, Missouri. Breslin said, "our company has sufficient financial support. After all, we are not a short-term company."

ACS built a 16700 square meter factory in New Berlin in 2006. The machinery manufacturer merged the sterling plant in Milwaukee and the former headquarters plant in wood Dale, Illinois, into the current New Berlin plant, while closing the first two plants. The administrative office was moved from wood Dale to an office building in Schaumburg, Illinois

this year, ACS closed its factory in Attleboro, Massachusetts, which produces Cumberland granulators and shredders, and moved this part of production to New Berlin. Breslin said that the New Berlin factory has more than 200 employees

the company's factory in Wabash, Indiana, is still in operation, and the experimental results of these factories producing Wabash injection molding machines are analyzed; And compression molding machine and plastic machine for Carver laboratory; At the same time, it also retains an ACS technology center in Flint, Michigan, which is also the headquarters of colortronic North America Inc

in terms of personnel, Keith Larson, formerly the sales and marketing manager of colortronic, has been promoted to vice president of sales and marketing of ACS. Larson's predecessor Kevin chudyk has left the company

for ACS group to avoid damaging the window diaphragm company, 2006 is an important year. The first is the completion of New Berlin plant. Later that year, the company built another wholly-owned factory in Suzhou, Jiangsu, covering an area of 9300 square meters

last year, ACS opened a parts procurement office in Pune, India, mainly to purchase motors, pumps and electrical products in India for the company's other assembly plants. Its strategic partner is Larsen Toubro Ltd., a large comprehensive group in India

Breslin said that ACS has made large-scale investment in its international business, which currently accounts for nearly 20% of its total business

bill desrosiers, who has been promoted to vice president of international sales and marketing, said that last year, ACS signed 18 new sales agents outside North America

Breslin said, "you must reach into all markets to succeed. You must be able to compete in the markets of China, India, South America and the whole North America. And you must be ready to enter Africa and Mediterranean countries."

ASC officials have been silent about these strategic global initiatives. In this regard, Breslin explained that the company hopes to move forward steadily step by step to avoid the problems faced by competitors. He said that some peers "blindly follow" the trend of purchasing parts from China, India or Brazil, but they are overwhelmed by a pile of parts that are not suitable for them

he said, "this is a learning curve that you must master, but you must carefully control the rhythm. We see that many companies jump in recklessly and then run back disheartened."

Breslin frankly said that ACS, which founded a "low-cost procurement group" in 2001, also encountered some problems in its early stage. He said that after several years, "we decided to build our own production plant and manage it entirely by ourselves."

as a result, ACS retained an engineering, design center and a large assembly plant in the United States, and then reduced costs by purchasing some parts worldwide, thus obtaining a "global cost position". Breslin said that ACS is conservative in exploring the Chinese market and only introduces one product at a time

he said that ACS has invested more than US $6million (41million yuan) in its Suzhou plant so far. The factory has 80 employees

connect manufacturing, inventory and procurement through factories distributed all over the world and a common system

when visiting the factory, Breslin took the mixer in the factory as an example to describe the global manufacturing footprint of ACS. First, the boxes of parts are transported to New Berlin, and then the workers there assemble the parts into a complete mixer, which is then supplied to local customers

he said that some other products with less choices, such as the pelletizer beside the plastic machine, can purchase the assembled complete machine in China

breslin said that the concept of do it yourself (DIY) is the core strength of ACS. He added: "more than 90% of the products sold by the company are produced by ourselves."

Breslin declined to disclose the sales of the whole company, but he said that plastic machinery and industrial markets such as paper, rubber, food, soap and pharmaceutical accounted for about half of the total sales respectively. He revealed that ACS also sold chillers to non plastic processing enterprises

acs managers exhibited three latest auxiliary devices at this event:

(I) GP series "green" portable cooler launched on April 30. ACS said that this is the first portable cooler using R410A coolant, which meets the requirements of the greenhouse gas emission reduction regulations that will take effect on January 1, 2010. ACS began to redesign its chillers two years ago. At present, the company is upgrading all its chillers. According to the company, R410A can improve the efficiency of the cooler and expand the plot ratio. GP cooler is divided into two types: air-cooled and water-cooled. A portable controller is connected to the cooler through a cable, and the controller can be removed to control the cooler remotely in a wireless manner

(II) accumeter weight loss feeding system. Larson said the feeder is suitable for all "ongoing processes" such as extrusion, extrusion blow molding and composite production. Most particles, Regrind, powder or liquid can be added to the process, even in a small amount. Accumeter series adopts a compact modular design. The machine can feed up to 16500 pounds per hour, and up to 8 feeders can be installed on each extruder. Larson said accumeter was used to replace AEC ol series mixers

(III) t500 granulator. This medium-sized machine is equipped with a double shear rotor, which can handle heavy and large parts such as blow molding, thermoforming, rotary molding or large injection molding parts. T500 can fully open the cutting area. No matter how good the machine is, there will be factors of fixture and auxiliary tools damage. Insert the cutter through the front and rear sliding doors, which is very convenient to clean. John farney, national sales manager of Cumberland, said that the rear bottom knife can be accessed through the rear leakage door. The machine can convert from tangent cutting to dislocation cutting mode. A mechanical rotor lock installed on it can limit the movement of the rotor during maintenance

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