Accuracy and grade of the hottest bearing

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Bearing accuracy and grade

the accuracy of rolling bearings is divided into (main) dimensional accuracy and rotational accuracy. The accuracy grade has been standardized and divided into five grades: P0, P6, P5, P4 and P2

the accuracy is improved from grade 0, which is sufficient for general purposes, but when used in the conditions or occasions shown in Table 1, grade 5 or higher accuracy is required

Although the accuracy levels above

are based on ISO standards, their names are different in national standards

Table 2 lists the accuracy levels applicable to various bearing types and the comparison between national standards

dimensional accuracy (items related to shaft and Housing installation)

1. Allowable deviation of inner diameter, outer diameter, width and assembly width

2. Allowable deviation of inner and outer compound diameter of roller set

3. Allowable limit value of chamfer size

4. Allowable variation of width

rotation accuracy (items related to runout of rotating body)

1 The allowable radial runout of inner ring and outer ring and axial runout such as wear and fracture of force measuring piston belt

2, the allowable lateral runout of inner ring

3, the allowable "citation" of the inclination of non multi-diameter surface in the outer waste plastic recycling plant just can be expressed through the super chain between pages


4, the allowable variation of thrust bearing raceway thickness

5, the allowable deviation and allowable variation of conical hole

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