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Xiayi's 15 key projects started in a centralized manner

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drum music shook the sky, and colored flags fluttered. On January 4, the first mobilization meeting for the centralized commencement of major projects in Xiayi County in 2021 was held at the construction site of Shixian printing and dyeing phase II project across the avenue in the county's industrial cluster

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on the same day, Xiayi county had a total of Henan Shixian Textile Technology Co., Ltd. phase II printing and dyeing project, Yingke medical's annual output of 28billion high-end medical gloves project, Henan Shuangyi building materials Co., Ltd. annual output of 600000 cubic meters of prefabricated residential industry PC and ACC production base project, Xiayi county natural gas, which is also the driving force to launch a small panel control system, distributed energy station project Fifteen projects, including the intelligent production and transformation project of packaging boxes of Henan Lufeng Packaging Co., Ltd. and the construction project of Tianlong Lake elderly service center in Xiayi County, have been launched, with a total investment of 5.13 billion

in recent years, the Xiayi county Party committee and government have adhered to the construction of key projects as an important starting point for optimizing the industrial structure and promoting high-quality economic development, strengthened measures and actively acted. A large number of large and good projects with good brand benefits and strong driving ability have successively settled in Xiayi, which has effectively promoted the high-quality economic and social development of the county

entering the spinning workshop of Hengtian Yongan new Weaving Co., Ltd. with a constant temperature of 30 ℃, workers dressed in short sleeved summer clothes are working in an orderly manner, full of vitality

"our equipment is world-class, and all installed are the most advanced intelligent production equipment in the whole process of China Hengtian, of which 80% are the latest technology and 20% are customized technology. All the main and auxiliary equipment are on the central control room for centralized control; the labor volume of 10000 ingots is reduced from the original 200 people to the current 20 people, which can realize that there is no night shift in the spinning workshop, but the weight loss is not attended by people." In the modern production workshop, Zhang Yadong, general manager of Hengtian Yongan new weaving, said confidently

this is an epitome of the project construction in Xiayi county. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, Xiayi took the supply side structural reform as the main line, high-quality development as the core, took the industrial agglomeration area as the main position of project construction, focused on cultivating textile and clothing industry clusters, and promoted the acceleration of enterprise intelligent development. By the end of 2020, there were 180 "four up" enterprises settled in the industrial agglomeration area of Xiayi County, an increase of 68 compared with the end of the 12th Five Year Plan; The operating income increased by 87.8% compared with the end of the 12th Five Year Plan; The completed added value increased by 91.3% compared with the end of the 12th Five Year Plan. Xiayi county industrial cluster has been awarded the honorary titles of "China's emerging textile base county", "China's famous cotton textile city", "top 100 counties in the national development environment for small and medium-sized enterprises", "excellent industrial cluster in Henan Province", "well-known textile industry cluster in Henan Province", "clothing industry base in Henan Province", "three-star industrial cluster in Henan Province" and "well-known brand demonstration industry cluster in Henan Province"

during the 13th Five Year Plan period, Xiayi county took investment attraction as the lifeline of project construction, actively carried out large-scale investment attraction activities, organized investment attraction teams for many times, focused on domestic top 500 enterprises, large central enterprises and industry leaders, and actively promoted them on-site. China Resources Group, Everbright Group, Hengtian Group and other central enterprises have sent people to visit and negotiate investment matters. Through the joint efforts of the whole county, a large number of projects such as Hengtian Yongan new weaving, Saiqi industry, Everbright power generation, Shixian textile, China Resources gas have settled in the industrial cluster. Shixian textile project is invested and constructed by Hong Kong Shixian group, with a total investment of 1billion. More than 200 sets of warp knitting, warping, sizing and other equipment have been installed. It has formed a large textile enterprise integrating spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing and home textile production

spare no effort to speed up the construction of key projects. For each major investment project, Xiayi will be subcontracted by a county-level leader, and a coordination team will be established to provide the whole process and all-round services from the signing of the intention to the completion and production, so as to strive to achieve early construction, early production and early effectiveness according to the newly implemented premium statistics; An industrial economic operation analysis meeting is held every quarter to study and judge the situation and put forward countermeasures. Strengthen the monitoring of the operation, supply, production factors and capital demand of key enterprises, and timely put forward early warning information if risks are found; Strengthen supervision and assessment, simplify working procedures, and track and ask for results for the approval of project initiation, planning, environmental protection, land and other matters involved in the project; We will increase incentives, introduce and complete industrial projects with fixed asset investment of more than 100million, and make a year-end general evaluation, which will be solemnly commended at the county's three-level cadre conference, and give priority to the promotion and use of meritorious personnel in project construction

last year, in the face of the sudden COVID-19, Xiayi made early arrangements and deployment, formulated the project resumption plan in time, and clarified the response measures and work, effectively ensuring the resumption of key projects. In 2020, the county implemented 134 major projects, with a total investment of 56.55 billion yuan, an annual planned investment of 20.34 billion yuan, and has completed an investment of 22.1 billion yuan, accounting for 109% of the annual plan. In an extraordinary year, it handed over an extraordinary report card and achieved a bumper harvest against the trend

after entering the "14th five year plan", Xiayi county will speed up the construction of a new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promoting each other in accordance with the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the central and provincial economic work conferences, so as to achieve a higher quality, more efficient, fairer and safer sustainable development model

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