ACMA launched the latest multi product filling sys

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ACMA's latest multi product filling system

ACMA's latest solutions include a multi product filling system including galvanized steel strands, bridge cables, Messenger wires, earth wires/ground wires, barrier cables, and structural cables. "The storage tank of this filling machine is separate, which is used to fill four different flavors of yogurt at the same time." Stefano lasagna, the food business manager of ACMA's liquid department, pointed out: "our 2klg labeling machine is mechanically connected with the 2kf filling and capping machine, and can label in different ways according to different tastes. In this way, customers can obtain top-level flexible new replacement projects 16 personality, minimizing the space occupied by mechanical installation." The advantage of ACMA's liquid department also remains in the net weight filling technology, which can fill any form of liquid: non carbonated beverages, foam or viscous liquids. Even with the change of temperature and viscosity, the filling accuracy will not be affected. In addition, the structure of the equipment is very simple. It is an electronic filling machine with only a few parts in motion. This minimizes maintenance and reactivation

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