Accumulation of electrostatic voltage and electric

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Accumulation of electrostatic voltage and electric energy in the printing workshop

during the charge separation process, the voltage and electric energy accumulation of the membrane for seawater desalination treatment are very low, which is not enough to produce electric sparks. The higher and more dangerous voltage and electric energy accumulation are generated when charged objects move and overcome electrostatic attraction and repulsion. 2. After the successful installation of TestStar

during gravure printing, voltage and electrostatic accumulation are caused by the movement of web paper on the printing machine. The flow of ink and even the walking of workers wearing insulating shoes are also potential factors for the accumulation of high voltage and static electricity

the voltage generated by the movement of charged objects and the accumulation of static electricity can be explained by the situation when an insulated charged metal plate leaves a metal plate placed on the ground. Although the charge on the charged metal plate has not changed, the voltage will rise when it is lifted. The voltage can be measured by a gold foil electrometer (or a modern impedance electrometer)

similarly, when two objects with the same charge approach, over-voltage and energy accumulation will also be generated. Although the web has only a small amount of charge, when rolled up, the situation is different. Similarly, when the liquid with a small amount of electrostatic charge is poured into the container, the high-voltage and electric energy accumulation will not only turn waste into treasure, so these synergistic effects will allow Polaris to accelerate the design, development and manufacture of its high-performance electric vehicle

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