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Davao era "micro data center" national tour Xi'an station has achieved fruitful results

Davao era national tour activities followed the successful completion of Guangzhou station and Wuhan station. On June 21, 2017, the theme was the promotion conference of data security and hyper integration. 3 The exhibition tour, in which the power supply voltage fluctuation does not exceed 10% of the rated voltage, ended perfectly in Xi'an Shangri La Hotel. This meeting not only received the full support of Shaanxi hechuang, a local well-known enterprise in Xi'an, but also invited technology masters from Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and other places to discuss the solution of data security and hyper integration

as the third stop of Davao era's national exhibition tour, Davao era joined hands with excellent partners such as Jingrong Suan and Shanghai Tongli to discuss the theme of building an extremely simple integrated data center with super fusion application as the core, which attracted the high attention of the participants

at the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Huang Yao, general manager of Shaanxi hechuang Yilian company, made a wonderful welcome speech. He said that in the current new IT era, we should jointly launch overall solutions and work together to make the storage business bigger and stronger, which aroused the resonance of on-site partners

the meeting was presided over by Mr. Sun Zhanli, head of the Northwest market of Davao era. He mentioned that Davao era distributed storage and super fusion products have entered the Xi'an market less than a year. They are no longer simple ordinary bottles, films, tires, etc. and have been successfully applied to manufacturing, medical, health, public security and other industries. The reason why they can achieve rapid growth in such a short time is inseparable from the trust of partners, At the same time, it is also because Davao is a down-to-earth company. Davao era has always been committed to helping users build an extremely simple data center

Mr. Liang liming, vice president of Davao era, introduced that as an innovative force of storage in China, Davao era is famous in the industry for distributed storage. In recent years, with the technical advantages accumulated in the storage field, Davao era has constantly made great efforts to integrate, aiming to build an extremely simple integrated data center for users. When it comes to the three node to 10 Gigabit switch super integrated product Little King Kong, which was first created by Davao era, it is even more eye-catching. In addition, President Liang Liming also shared with you recent developments. At the super convergence alliance forum of the 9th China Cloud Computing Conference just held, Davao era was successfully selected as the new director unit of China super convergence industry alliance. At the same time, Davao distributed storage yeefs and super convergence c-one series products have been successfully shortlisted for central government procurement in 2017

Mr. Kangle, general manager of Jingrong digital security, introduced the overall situation of Jingrong digital security from the perspectives of user cases, development strategy, marketing layout and so on, and said that Jingrong digital security would continue to work in the data field in the future, and put forward the development ideas and directions of data security - Data Management - data operation. At the same time, a new composite material was born. The technical director of Jingrong digital security talked about how to combine data security with cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing in the new IT environment, how to comply with the development trend of science and technology and economy, how to break through innovation, develop new technologies and new products, how to integrate resources, and how to build a full industry chain of data

in addition, Ma Jun, product manager of Davao times, mainly tested his Zui experimental students, and vividly introduced the specific solutions and cases of hyperfusion in manufacturing, medical and other industries. In the project of the health and Family Planning Commission, Davao hyperfusion ensured the uninterrupted business of the hospital, while simplifying the operation and maintenance management of the hospital's IT infrastructure; In the case of Chang'an Mazda, super integration helps enterprises simplify it operation and maintenance, reduce operation and maintenance energy consumption, and ensure data security. He stressed that in the micro data center solution with hyper convergence as the core, Davao era also provides users with portfolio services such as document cloud, desktop cloud and overall data protection, bringing more diversified application experience

with a pleasant dinner, the Xi'an Railway Station Tour came to an end. Being selected as the new director unit of China super integrated industry alliance means that Davao era has a long way to go on the innovation road of integrated storage. At present, the high-performance storage system independently developed by Davao era has been running stably for 6 years, with more than 500p deployed in 17 provinces and cities across the country, and is widely used in public security, radio and television, scientific research, education, intelligent manufacturing, medical treatment, high-performance computing and other fields. In the future, the national tour of Davao era will continue. Please look forward to the wonderful follow-up

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