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Ai Ai, a runaway Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai smart travel

on September 17, 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference opened in Shanghai, bringing together Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Robin Lee and other celebrities. They conducted dialogues and exchanges around industrial trends, AI cutting-edge technologies and hot topics

nowadays AI is developing rapidly. It can not only play chess and write novels, but also deeply learn human "algorithms". However, the development of AI in various fields has already exceeded people's imagination. Therefore, there is such a formula:

the "artistic intelligence" of the automotive industry

. It combines the accuracy advantage of low CTE (5.4) and the high temperature resistance of 300 C in a single directly milled mold material to deduce the attractive charm of "Ai era SUV" -- the "smart driving" brought by Saab Zhixing. The new car has launched a total of 6 versions, and provides 5 exterior colors and 3 interior colors for users to choose. The official guide price is 7 990000 yuan

Saab Zhixing adopts the latest offsapce family design language of BAIC Motor Corporation Limited. The appearance of Saab Zhixing presents a scientific, fashionable, dynamic and Avantgarde design style as a whole

the air intake grille of all stars in the sky is magnificent, the multiple waist line design and the suspended star sky canopy roof show youth and dynamism; Double lens LED light source headlights and double L shape daytime running lights with angel eye lighting effect are fashionable and exquisite; The design is inspired by the exclusive "Zhixing blue" of the gorgeous and fashionable "Kashmir sapphire", showing the charming beauty of science and technology

the new car integrates the three AI technologies of AI driving consultant, AI voice assistant and AI security guard to create an industry-leading "Ai intelligent travel system"

among them, the six functions of AI driving consultant are to collect, analyze and predict the data of various important parts of the vehicle in real time through AI technology, control the hidden trouble of anchoring in the bud, and guide the car owners to form correct driving habits only after they have a definite understanding of it

ai voice assistant has made many breakthroughs in human vehicle interaction. Through AI voice assistant, users can realize 228 intelligent voice controls of the whole vehicle, accurately recognize 21 dialects, and easily upgrade OTA to improve the speed and accuracy of conditioning, making communication more convenient

ai safety guards provide consumers with 360 degree safety protection. ADAS advanced driving assistance system covers three functions: BSD blind spot monitoring, LDW lane departure warning, and unique mod low-speed object dynamic recognition at the same level, making driving safer

the empowerment of Mercedes Benz's car making concept, and the blessing of Mercedes Benz style and advanced technology have created a "aviation cockpit" with a sense of luxury quality and fashion technology. "Flying" gearshift lever and high console design show luxury; German style luxury wing shaped seats and inafa 1.25 square meters panoramic skylight bring extraordinary driving comfort; In terms of chassis, on the basis of inheriting Saab's advanced chassis platform technology, Mira of the United Kingdom conducted professional training; The third generation of ThyssenKrupp electric power steering system, combined with the rear wheel follow-up steering system, makes the steering light and accurate; The braking performance is improved by 5.64%, which brings the driver the control safety of "people and vehicles in one"

in terms of comfort and safety, Saab smart bank also vigorously promotes enterprise innovation to be at the leading level of the same level. Saab Zhixing has a body length of 4480mm, a width of 1837mm, a height of 1680mm, the widest in its class, and a wheelbase of 2665mm, the longest in its class, creating a "double cross" comfortable space in line with ergonomics; In addition, Saab's classic cage body structure, 60% of the highest proportion of high-strength steel at the same level and 6 airbags jointly create the C-NCAP five-star safety standard; At the same time, TPMS intelligent tire pressure monitoring and Bosch ESP body stability system jointly build an "aviation grade" high-precision safety system to protect the owner's safety in an all-round way

according to the "product + service" dual core driven development strategy, BAIC Motor Corporation Limited (BAIC) will comprehensively promote intelligent service: adhering to the concept of "customer-centered", under the brand-new IP of "driving and enjoying new ecology", BAIC Motor Corporation (BAIC) will take the lead in using AI to enable the service system, and innovatively build a leading service ecosystem covering the whole life cycle of cars and the whole travel life scene in the industry, so as to meet the new needs of young users for intelligent service. Saab smart Travel + intelligent service combination will bring users a three-dimensional ecological experience of "smart travel" and comprehensively lead the new fashion and trend of "smart travel" in the future

witnessing the wisdom of Saab

jointly welcoming the arrival of AI era

new ecological experience

because AI is extraordinary

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